(The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz Ep. 260): ALLIE COLLEEN

Contributor’s Note:  Allie Colleen joins The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for a third round via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, Alice discusses “Stones: Part I” and so much more including a hidden Easter egg in the show.  Let us know what it is.

We start the show with Allie’s from her first release “Playin’ House” of the new album “Stones”  which Allie wrote with Billy Dawson and Jason Matthews.  The lyrics in this song have incredible poetry.  We go into detail about these lyrics:  “I want to believe in those sweet things that drip from your mouth.   If those words were water boy I’d be drowning by now”.  

Allie also talks about an “Easter egg” within the track.   Let us know what it is.

11:57 we discuss “Don’t Give Your Heart To A Cowboy” (Eric Dodd / Allie Colleen) and we go to 1:27 of the track.  We talk about solid Allie’s vocals on the tracks.  There is a line about sawdust on the dance floor and Allie talks about the theme of the song.   

“The song has to feel like horse, it has to move” – Allie Colleen 

I encourage Allie to do a collaboration with Jon Pardi with his song “It Ain’t Always The Cowboys That Ride Away”.   

Allie also mentions an Easter Egg in the song.   Let us know what it is.

21:37 – “Make Me A Man”  (Eric Dodd / Allie Colleen).  We go to 43 seconds into the track.  

“Give him wisdom, and the right words to say”.  We discuss this particular line.   

Allie states regarding the song, “If I could go to Build-A-Bear and build a man for my mama, this is how I would do it” Allie Continues, “I had the privilege as a young kid to watch my dad fall in love and have this amazing relationship with my bonus mom so much so that when my bonus mom came into my family and married my dad, she married my sisters as well.  We exchanged rings and she came into my family and married our whole family…On the other hand, my mama had the HARDEST time when I was a kid.  She was always wearing her heart on her sleeve and it was really tough to watch and be a part of and this happens to a lot of kids who have to watch their (single) parents go through dating.”

“God send me a friend quick to understand.  Makes us laugh whenever we are hurting.  Maybe a chef, a good cook at best.  Our lonely table will always have a guest”   – What a great line how it starts off humorous and then ends on a beautiful sweet resolve.   

Tour Dates: 


Here are the tour dates:

Friday, May 21st- Riva Wines CA in Paso Robles, California

Friday,  May 28th- After 5 Concert Series in Owensboro, Kentucky

Friday, June 11th- Comstock Windmill Festival in Comstock, Nebraska

Saturday, July 17th- Valleyview Campgrounds in Belmont, Ohio

Saturday, July 31st- Milbank, South Dakota

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