(Album Review) “Omega Kaleid” by Gizmachi

(Album Review) “Omega Kaleid” by Gizmachi

Founded in 1996 (oh my goodness they’re the same age as me!) Gizmachi grew to make a name for themselves among the local Orange County, NY, hardcore/metal scene. The band have an interesting backstory. The band caught the eyes and ears of Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan and signed to his label, Big Orange Clown (a subsidiary of Sanctuary Records) for the release of their debut, The Imbuing, in 2005. From 2005-2006, GIZMACHI spent time on the road supporting The Imbuing, including high profile festivals such as Ozzfest and Rock AM Ring in Europe before going on an extended 16-year hiatus.

Following their break, the band GiZmAcHi have returned with a powerful new album in ‘Omega Kaleid’. Opening with ‘Winter’, I’m greeted with a clean guitar lead and soaring vocal line. It’s incredibly atmospheric and the mood grows as the track builds. The gradual introducing of more instrumental parts produces a dramatic effect. It might only be two minutes long, but this introduction is serene with a dark edge. It creates a dynamic contrast with the intense heavy sound of ‘Paradox’. The transition to harsh vocals, heavy distortion and a fast tempo takes the mood down a very different turn. The composition is fantastic, small details such as and ascending motif on the guitars and layered harsh vocals to give a demonic effect, add an extra something. The use of the two contrasting sides of their sound across the album delivers a creative interplay of moods and atmospheres.

‘Turned to Dust’ delivers dark dissonance with a frantic opening. Contrasting heavy guitars with harsh vocals, against clean vocals and more minimal instrumentation in the verses plays with the dynamics of the mood. Utterly guttural harsh vocals used throughout their tracks, notably in ‘Inner Visions’, really pack a punch. I really like their incorporation of guitar leads solos. It doesn’t feel like they have been thrown in for the sake of it. they have a place for developing the instrumentation and adding some further layers to the track. The vocal harmonies introduce an almost ethereal element. In many ways it would be nice to see more of this as it clearly suits the vocalist. As one of the longest tracks on the album, it progresses through a number of segments. Everything flows together quite seamlessly, which is what you want with a longer track. Gizmachi have squeezed a lot of ideas into it – the final section has a powerful chord progression that is easy to get lost in. The variation of heavier instruments being introduced prevents it from reaching a repetitive stage.

Gizmachi have produced an album that explores numerous musical ideas, dynamics, compositional experimentation and soundscapes. Listened to as a whole, it’s a thrilling experience that grabs and maintains your attention. It’s clear how much work has gone into this record – their talent really shows.


Jay Hannon – Guitars

Mike Laurino – Guitars/Vocals

Kris Gilmore – Bass

Jimmie Hatcher – Drums

Björn Strid – Vocals


GIZMACHI online:



Omega Kaleid was produced and engineered by guitarist Jay Hannon and mixed by Mark Lewis (Devildriver, White Chapel, The Black Dahlia Murder).

Check out the music video for “Look What I’ve Become” by Gizmachi below:


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