(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 112): standards

Contributor’s Note:  Los Angeles math rock band standards appears on the 112th episode of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast with Bryan and Benny.  standards are a two piece math rock band who are known for their viral Facebook video covers and they jokingly compare themselves to math rock’s answer to The Wiggles.  The two-piece band was bored from lockdown and quarantine and they covered “Lost Woods” from the Legend of Zelda video game as well as the Wii Sports cover and the theme song from The Office.  The band also talks about the DIY scene in Los Angeles and Bryan and Benny share some valuable information about the Michigan DIY scene.  Fans can find standards on Facebook, Instagram and their official website.

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Fans can check out the music video for “May” by standards below:

Author: Bryan Porter

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