(Album Review) “Life Starts Tonight” by TOWNSHIP

Hailing from Boston, Township have been active since 2006. They have produced a not insignificant discography of 4 EPs and 8 albums (including a Best of). This lost album, ‘Life Starts Tonight’, was recorded in early September 2009, and is the last to feature original drummer and founding member Greg Beadle, as well as guitarist Matty Smart. This album encompasses Township’s sound from their first incarnation.

The album delivers a good mixture of catchy, high energy tracks and some more progressive, guitar focused ones. Opening with the title track, the album dives in to a fast paced, energetic, catchy track that is a strong example of the classic rock genre. It establishes Township’s sound and the mood for the rest of the album. The guitar tones and instrumentation all blend together really well; everything feels well balanced. Another catchy track is ‘Feel It’. Possibly the most lyrically simplistic song on the album, but the catchy melody that features on the lead guitar and lead vocals works. The energetic, bouncy rhythm guitar really brings the momentum and movement to the track.

‘Eye of the Son’ sees the guitars and instrumentation take more of a lead. Catchy motifs run through the choruses and numerous riffs and melodies appear throughout the verses and bridge. ‘Through the Fog’ is the most progressive track on the album. It has a fantastically dramatic atmosphere. The melodies across the guitars, accompanied by a solid, marching inspired percussion and choral backing vocals, show off another side to Township’s sound.

Township’s fans eagerly awaited the release of this lost album, and I think it’s safe to say they won’t be disappointed. Township deliver a range of tracks from the ultra-catchy to the atmospheric and progressive, all whilst maintaining a distinctive classic rock sound.


Track list:

  1. Life Starts Tonight 3:24
  2. Starlight, Motor Grease, and Beer 4:21
  3. Ancient Creatures 4:39
  4. Feel It 3:01
  5. Garden Of Our Love 3:09
  6. Freight Train 4:26
  7. Eye of the Son 5:15
  8. Through the Fog 5:44


Released via Tee Pee Records

Fans can check out “Life Starts Tonight” by Township in its entirety via Spotify below:

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Author: Holly Royle

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