(The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz Ep. 165): Jymmy Tolland of THE LONELY ONES

Contributor’s Note:  Bassist/vocalist Jymmy Tolland of The Lonely Ones appeared on the 165th episode of The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, they discuss their brilliant cover of “Flash” by Queen and they discuss their single “Real Big Trouble”.  The coolest thing about their Queen cover is that legendary guitarist Brian May himself has lavished praise on The Lonely Ones for this cover.  Sam J. Jones of Flash Gordon have lavished praise on the cover stating “This is one of the best covers I have ever heard and seen.  What a gifted group”.  They also discuss memories of Bobaflex and how Bobaflex became The Lonely Ones.  Fans can find The Lonely Ones at the following locations:



Fans can find The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz at the following locations:





Fans can find this episode featuring Jymmy Tolland of The Lonely Ones via Soundcloud below:

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