(EP Review) “Death of the Cosmic” by HINAYANA

Death Of The Cosmic’ is the new EP from the Texas-based melodic death-doom metal unit Hinayana. The EP follows the release of their album ‘Order Divine’ back in 2018. Hinayana initially began as a solo project created by frontman Casey Hurd, and has since grown into a larger outfit.

The EP opens with the title track which introduces a catchy soaring melody and chord sequence. The sounds is dramatic with orchestral and choir melodies present in the background of the music. The verse goes in an unexpected direction with a folk-inspired acoustic guitar melody and harsh vocals layered on top. It’s an interesting contrast and it sounds fantastic. Flowing into heavier instrumentation, the various aspects of this track all seamlessly segue into one another. There is an ethereal almost haunting aspect to the sound that I can’t quite put my finger on. ‘Death of the Cosmic’ perfectly balances the light and the dark with the range of tones and textures used throughout. It’s undoubtedly one of my new favourites! Double pedal drumming gives a burst of power to the music, and the atmospheric weather soundscape in the background delivers an epic conclusion.

‘Yet Here I Wait Forever’ is a beautiful interlude track. It delivers a magical sound with folk and Gothic influences intertwining through the piece. The layering of instruments produces a full sound without disrupting the gentle quality of the orchestration. ‘Pitch Black Noise’ delves further into the darker side of their sound. The distorted guitars take a more central stance in this track. The heavy rhythm with lead melody forms a rough edge to the sound. The backing choir sound enhances the atmosphere of the track and keeps it coherent with the rest of the EP. The harsh vocals show off their power more here, combing with the heavier instrumentation to make a strong sound.

Hinayana have created an EP that explores delicate ethereal soundscapes with guttural growls and heavy guitars. The composition of the melodies is beautifully done. Everything in this release ties together in a ludicrously dynamic manner.


Track Listing:
 01. Death of the Cosmic
02. Cold Conception (feat. Nature Ganganbaigal)
03. Yet Here I Wait Forever
04. In Sacred Delusion (feat. Toni Toivonen)
05. Pitch Black Noise

Casey Hurd – vocals / guitar
Erik Shtaygrud – guitar
Daniel Vieira – drums
Michael Anstice – keyboard
Matt Bius – bass

HINAYANA online:

Check out the music video for “Cold Conception” below:

Author: Holly Royle

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