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(Album/Graphic Novel Review) “To The Monsters” by THE SPIDER HOLE

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I got the privilege of sitting down to listen to The Spider Hole’s new LP, “To the Monsters”. This was an interesting and fun listening experience and very different from my usual go to music choices. The band takes you on a horror adventure with their up tempo beats and visual lyrics. With theatrical song titles such as, “Chomp-Chomp”, “The People Who Come Out of the Ceiling”, and “Night of the Nighty-Night Slasher” you are bound to get a musical storytelling experience. I had never heard of The Spider Hole before now and I am honestly not disappointed. It was fun to get out of my musical comfort zone and experience these guys. This album is so creative that it is hard not to play it on repeat a few times. The rockabilly sound is made up of smooth vocal sounds, hammering drums, and strong guitar segments to give these horror songs and easy yet enjoyable listening experience. There is something very compelling for the imagination with “To the Monsters”. If you also enjoy the album, be sure to check out the nightmare fueled music video for “The Leviathan Stomp” and the “To The Monsters” graphic novel written by Ethan Scott. A great add for any horror lover’s collection! This would also be a great album to add to your Halloween playlists this fall!  Excited to see what else these guys have artistically planned for the future!

Check out to the track listing for “To The Monsters” by The Spider Hole below:

1. Werewolf Biker Bastard
2. Still Draw Breath
3. The Skeleton Wedding
4. Hungover at the Eel God Festival
5. Rock, Your Body
6. Chomp-Chomp
7. The Goat Witch of Cornman Road
8. The Leviathan Stomp
9. Devil By a Nail
10. The People Who Come Out of the Ceiling
11. Night of the Nighty-Night Slasher

Fans can find THE SPIDER HOLE at the following locations:

The Spider Hole have a couple gigs coming up in Phoenix, Arizona.  Check out the gig dates below:

Fri. 8/23- Joe’s Grotto

Sat. 9/28- Joe’s Grotto

For tickets and further information on the gigs listed above, click here.


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