Rich Treadway, vocalist of BLOOD OF HEROES, Converses with Madness To Creation on “Symbolic Voices” and the Danville, Illinois Music Scene!

Editor’s Note:  Out of Danville, Illinois is a band that is determined to take over as kings of the hard rock/metal mountain.  Blood Of Heroes is a hard rock band with a metal twist that describes themselves as a high intensity band that will get you out of your seat from start to finish.  Blood Of Heroes is composed of Rich Treadway(vocals), Torbjron Solgard(bass), Nick Polezoes(drums), Eric Abner(guitars), and Phillip Polezoes(guitars).  As of March 1st, Blood Of Heroes has released their latest album entitled “Symbolic Voices” and fans can pick up a copy via Apple Music, Spotify and wherever music is sold.  Fans can find Blood Of Heroes at the following locations:

Madness To Creation:  Take us into the Danville, Illinois music scene.

Rich:  Danville, Illinois used to be the place to play in years past, had lots of radio push from Extra 99.1 but they switch to old country around 2009 and things kind of went down from there, but there are still people who come out and support. 

Madness To Creation:  Paul Schluter produced the upcoming release “Symbolic Voices”, take us into the writing process, what was the coolest thing about it?

Rich:  Paul Schluter produced BOH Symbolic Voices new disc, I’ve known him for several years as we met on another project I was involved in and did a fantastic job on it, the return with the new project was most welcome, Paul understands what you are looking for and just knocks it out of the park every time!! Easy to work with, as he is like the 6th member of the band. The process for the band is pretty easy really we start with music ideas first then I add the lyrics when the songs are pretty structurally sound. Coolest thing is that everyone understands the process and the task at hand.

Madness To Creation:  Three biggest influences that you draw from in your songwriting and music.

Rich:  Biggest influences, definitely Pantera, Chimaira, Coal Chamber to name a few, they know how to write a hook whether it be musically or lyrically. That’s missing a lot in music today!! Badly!

Madness To Creation:  You have a big CD Release party this Saturday!  What can fans expect from it?

Rich:  Fans can expect a high energy show, we give everything we have, we interact with the fans, we make them feel like they are right there with us. We do it all for them!

Madness To Creation:  Three bands that you are rocking right now.

Rich:  Bands I’m listening to now are, Parkway Drive, Gojira, and some good bluegrass!

Madness To Creation:  One local band that we need to check out.

Rich:  Definitely check out Murder Machine!

Madness To Creation:  What are a couple of tracks we need to look for in “Symbolic Voices”?

Rich:  Definitely Symbolic Voices, Fucked Up Shit, Reap What You Sow, (all of them)!

Madness To Creation:  Tell us a personality trait of each band member and why it clicks so well for Blood Of Heroes?

Rich:  Guitar player Phil, great musician easy to work with, Guitar player Eric, definitely the most organized person, Bass player Phil, the most solid musician I’ve ever known, Nicholas the drummer, electric smile, great listener. 

Madness To Creation:  What does the rest of the year have in store for Blood Of Heroes?

Rich:  2019 looks very busy for BOH, we’ve been told to play our asses off this year so that’s what we are gonna do!

Madness To Creation:  Thank you very much for your time to interview with me for Madness To Creation!

Rich:  Thank you for reaching out to us we really appreciate it! New video coming out March 8th!

And there you have it!  Blood Of Heroes has a few gigs coming up.  Check out the gig dates below:

Sat. 3/16- Imperial Pub & Grub in Granite City, Illinois (w/Murder Machine and Whispers Of October)

Sat. 3/23- Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (w/H1Z1, Disappearance, and RatBatSpider)

Fri. 4/12- Piere’s Entertainment Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana (w/Hell Came Home, Mantra, Pharoahound, and Demons Within)

Sat. 4/20- Gorilla’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (w/Anomaly, Order To Chaos, and Rendered With Hate)

For tickets and further information on any of the gig dates coming up, click here.

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