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THE MOVIELIFE to Perform “Forty Hour Train Back To Penn” and “The Movielife Has A Gambling Problem” Back-to-Back on Upcoming Spring Tour!

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New York-based rock band The Movielife are excited to announce its Spring 2019 headlining tour in which the band will perform its classic releases Forty Hour Train Back To Penn and The Movielife Has A Gambling Problem front-to-back. The tour will begin in Brooklyn NY atBrooklyn Bazaar on FridayMarch 15 and visit major markets in both the U.S. and Canada through Saturday, April 20 where the tour will culminate with a hometown performance on Long Island at the Amityville Music Hall. Travis Shettel of Piebald will provide support on the entire tour. “So excited to play these tunes,” frontman Vinnie Caruana said of the upcoming run. “I haven’t sung some of them since 2002-2003. Having Travis on the bill is just a cherry on top. LET’S HAVE IT!” More information on the tour can be found on the band’s Facebook page HERE, tickets are on sale now!


“They’ve still got a knack for broken-hearted hooks.” – The FADER

“‘Mercy’ is a jarring, three-minute melodic punk double-take; the guitar punch/counter-punch is mighty and concise and Caruana’s voice has dropped much of its nasal sneer for energetic grit. He’s hitting notes and setting the tone across the comeback LP.” – Billboard

“‘Mercy’ is catchy as hell, it’s got a hard bite and a sharp edge, Caruana’s vocals sound incredible, and it builds to a roaring climax.” – Stereogum

“Having Caruana and Reilly reunite in such spectacular fashion here is a thrill, both bringing their best to the new album.” – Newsday


The story of Cities In Search Of A Heart officially began three years ago when, after spending a decade on their own projects—Caruana’s I Am The Avalanche and Reilly’s Nightmare Of You—the duo started playing shows together as The Movielife again. “The two of us became close friends again and we both felt like we had learned so much about songwriting since the early 2000s that we should do another record together,” Caruana recalls, speaking from his home in Brooklyn. “We had a great reaction to our reunion shows in 2014 but felt that instead of keeping it on a purely nostalgic level we wanted to write a record together that people could get into today.” Not wanting to taint the band’s legacy or recycle the past, the duo were faced with the monumental task of figuring out exactly who The Movielife are now, which was no easy task.

Caruana and Reilly initially struggled with writing the record until they had the realization that they simply needed to make a new album that captured the punk spark that had been so prevalent in all of their previous releases. From the driving, melodic rocker “Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel” to the fuzzed-out pop perfection of “Laugh Ourselves To Death” and the orchestrally-tinged acoustic ballad “Pour Two Glasses,” the album shows that The Movielife have crafted a collection of songs that’s as captivating as it is catchy. This album speaks to the very simple yet relatable attributes of what it means to be human during an unprecedented time in human history, so take it all in and hold on tight.

Fans can find THE MOVIELIFE at the following locations:

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