Year: 2019

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We Nerd Out Vol. 111: Some of the Most Important Live Performances of the Decade!

What a decade it was from a music standpoint.  Seeing bands come and go, trends come and go, but we’ve…

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Bobby Ingram of MOLLY HATCHET Converses with Madness To Creation on “Battleground” and his Workmanship as a Guitarist!

Editor’s Note:  I wanted to close out the year with something special and that was an interview with a legendary…

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We Nerd Out Vol. 110: Madness To Creation Team Picks for Bangers of the Year!

Editor’s Note:  What an amazing year of music it was for us!  We got our contributor’s together to come up…

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We Nerd Out Vol. 109: Bands MADNESS TO CREATION Covered in 2019! Year End Playlist!

I want to share this playlist with you.  Honestly, I thought we hit the pinnacle when we shot Warped Tour. …

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We Nerd Out Vol. 108: Bryan Reflects on 2019 on INVITE THE NEIGHBORS DIY PODCAST!

Contributor’s Note:  2019 has been a hectic year for me and I’m sure a lot of you guys as well. …

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Weekend Brunch Edition Vol. 13: “ICYMI Year-End Edition” Weekly Spotify Playlist plus News Shorts!

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to this special fourth weekend of December edition of Weekend Brunch Edition Weekly News and Spotify Playlist…

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We Nerd Out Vol. 107: Evan Berry of WILDERUN Converses with “The Don” of THE DON’S HIT LIST PODCAST on their “Goosebump Moments”

Contributor’s Note:  From the press release of Wilderun “With elements of progressive metal, folk and orchestral music providing a dynamic…

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(Music Video Premiere) EMMA ACS Premieres “Blessed Are The Faithful” Music Video with Madness To Creation

On January 31st, Danish recording artist Emma Acs will be releasing her EP entitled “While I Shoot From My Fortress…

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Josh Barnhard of TUG OF WAR MACHINE Shares Christmas Memories and Mental Health Awareness Advice on “Emo Christmas” with Madness To Creation

The holidays bring cheer but sometimes also bring loneliness, a perfectly normal and common feeling as pop-punk band Tug of War…