“Code Blue” by I YA TOYAH is Out Now with 15% of Sales Going Towards Suicide Prevention!

Chicago, Illinois-based Electronic/Industrial artist I YA TOYAH is pleased to announce the release of their debut full-length album, CODE BLUE.

CODE BLUE takes you on an intimate journey through the chapters of inner darkness and struggle, caused by social distortions, depression and suicidal nature. Consisting of ten tracks, debut album reflects the story that is deeply personal, revealing the residue of tragedies that touched I Ya Toyah in her own life.

CODE BLUE features the untamed mix of haunted and powerful vocals, electronic, groovy beats and powerful synths combined with hypnotizing guitars that give the feel of dark, surreal and mysterious atmosphere. Enjoy!

15% of physical CD sales go to benefit the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION.

Fans can pick up a copy of “Code Blue” via Bandcamp here.

Fans can find I Ya Toyah at the following locations:





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