Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

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We Nerd Out 3.0: Chelsie Ann Hopkins and Nik Heftman Attempt the “Toe of Satan” Challenge!

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These two are crazy!  There is no way I would even attempt to do this challenge.  Madness To Creation can’t even handle a fresh jalapeno.  The “Toe of Satan” lollipop has over nine million Scoville units which makes it 900 times hotter than a fresh jalapeno.  It is so good to see one of our contributors and CBS’s own Nik Heftman give this a shot!  If you want to try the “Toe of Satan” yourself, you can pick it up for $7.84 here if you have an Amazon Prime account.  Before you purchase it, here is the warning from the “Toe of Satan” lollipop:


  • 9 million Scoville unit chili extract
  • One of the hottest candies on the planet
  • Extremely spicy and can cause skin and mouth irritation
  • Pure chili extract and to be handled with extreme caution

See how Nik and Chelsie Ann did below!  You can subscribe to Chelsie Ann Hopkins’ channel, which includes challenges, makeup tips, and the “Toe of Satan” challenge here.  If they hit a 100 subscribers, as a way to hook them up, I will give away a Toe of Satan lollipop via randomization!

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