Godz Releases Music Video for “Consumed”

GODZ have come to save the human race with their distinct brand of hard rock/symphonic metal and their various mythological influences. Their first video for single “Consumed” can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRC_JZpbcwo&feature=youtu.be

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About Godz:

A few of the Greek gods have left Mount Olympus and taken human vessels to form a new powerful pantheon on Earth in order to bring humanity something that equals the value of Prometheus’ stolen fire. With APOLLO (God of Music, Poetry & Plague) on vocals, HADES (God of the Underworld, Ruler of the Dead) on lead guitar/backup vocals, ARES (God of War & Violence) on drums/percussion & DIONYSUS (God of Madness, Ecstasy & Wine) on rhythm guitar they have brought a new revival to the rock music genre.

The band’s 13 track debut album CULTUM comprises of hard rock anthems, heavy/melodic metal, industrial songs and epic synth-driven tunes that break the mold in the evolution of metal music. Their unique sound is something straight out of the Elysium Fields but also a cross between bands like Korn, NIN, Bring Me the Horizon and Depeche Mode.

The odyssey of forming this celestial alliance began when longtime touring musician, Jesse Saint (HADES), decided to take a step back from his touring band to focus on creating an original sound. A sound that was cultivated through fifteen years of touring and learning the pros & cons of navigating an oversaturated music scene, where taking chances musically has been a forgotten art. Instead of walking the typical road of writing what record labels and radio listeners are used to hearing, the focus became creating a theatrical look/live show and sound based on the artistic freedom of bands that really had an opportunity to be creative in their own art such as Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Korn.

The band came together when Jesse Saint met Victor Stoica (ARES) at a local show in Kansas City, MO. After describing the vision of the band to Victor and recording 50 plus songs in pre-production in 2017, the search for band members started. Mikey Glassel (DIONYSUS) had been highly recommended to Jesse by a fellow touring band and brings a great work ethic and writing style that complements the band’s sound. After auditioning around twenty vocalists, the band listened to a demo, which Mikey wrote, by Corey Kipps (APOLLO) and he was immediately contacted and hired.

February of 2018 the band entered Amplify Studios in Billings, MT, and began tracking 13 songs. Deciding to go against the grain of many artists of the last decade, they opted to track live drums on the album instead of the typical method of using programmed ones. The group wanted to really dive into the old school method of creating a different tonality to the album. So many records of today have such a similar sound and they wanted to really branch out musically by using old piano tones and new wave style synths. They also explored old school guitar tones for melodies and even used vocoder on many of the vocal tracks on the record. Long-time friend of Jesse’s, producer Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly, Once Human) was brought in to help create dynamic synth tones and mix/master the album. All bass on the album was played and recorded by Matt Snell (ex Five Finger Death Punch) who brought a unique style and sound to the Album.

The band’s first single “Consumed” perfectly combines all of the harmonizing aspects of their debut album. It features rhythmic and melodic guitars, heavy double bass drumming, as well as down-tuned guitar tones. The song includes both screaming and clean vocal hooks with symphonic melodies the listener will have trouble not singing along to. The single is set to hit radio everywhere in early spring and the music video will feature a teaser available on Youtube and VEVO in March 2018.

Currently, they are working on a documentary movie on the band as well as music videos for all 13 songs on the album. Two music videos have already been filmed and are in the process of being edited. An animated video is also in the works. The band prides themselves on their theatrical look and stage show theme, so fans are encouraged to join in. Masquerade masks are for sale at the merchandise booth before and after the show. The band is currently booking tours and festivals in the US, Canada and Europe. They are steadfast and determined to bring GODZ to every venue around the Globe.

The human forms of the GODZ are as follows:

Apollo – Corey Wayne Kipps (Digital Collapse)

Hades – Jesse Saint (Through Fire, Seasons After, Emphatic, The Autumn Offering)

Ares – Victor Stoica (Warganism {Ex. Dies Irae}, L.O.S.T)

Dionysus – Mikey Glassel (Til Death)

Join the Cult & Worship the GODZ at:

Website – www.worshipthegodz.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/worshipthegodz

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/worshipthegodz/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/worshipthegodz

Youtube Channel – worshipthegodz

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