On February 16th, Tooth & Nail signees Off Road Minivan released their astounding EP entitled “Spiral Gaze”.  This EP will be the soundtrack to the broken and beautiful lives out there.

Off Road Minivan comes from former members of Interstate Love Affair and Fit For A King who wanted to make that music for the beautiful and broken lives out there.  Their vision is to create music that is a departure from their previous music and make it intimate and heartfelt for anyone that is listening.

In this EP, Off Road Minivan tackles pretty tough subjects that need to be addressed in the social activist realm in order to provide that self-revolution in our lives.  Case in point, in the track “17 Years”, the songwriter goes through the heartbreak of losing their mother, and it makes it relatable to the listener because it could talk about a death, abandonment from a divorce, or where the mother did the unthinkable.  In this song, Off Road Minivan meets the listener where they are at in this struggle and offers a way out, reminding the listener that they are not alone, that they have friends, family, and God to rely on through the struggles.  That song covers the “broken into beautiful” theme in this EP.

In the title track, the guitar work laid down with the cymbals assisting along in providing the anticipatory setting takes listeners to the likes of Alchemy Index-era Thrice mixed with the song structure of Mat Kearney.  Ryan O’Leary(ex-Fit For A King) does a great job conveying his voice to create that anthemic, soaring feeling in the sound that is necessary in the title track.  It’s such a good song where the listener doesn’t have to wait for the chorus to sing, the verses are as catchy as a viral infection.  For this style of music, it certainly builds, especially in the instrumental break as it sweeps the listener away in a glorious daze.

Tooth & Nail could experience a revival if they ride this tidal wave that Off Road Minivan has the capability to create!  What a beautiful record that explodes in your heart like garden full of flowers in the spring.  It’s delicate, yet powerful, and it’s completely heartfelt.  Off Road Minivan could be on Madness To Creation’s shortlist of EP of the year as Madness To Creation rates this a 10 out of 10 star EP.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Spiral Gaze
  2.  Light Up The Room
  3.  Glow
  4.  17 Years
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