“Soul Pretender” by Primitive Race, the artistry of Chuck Mosley shines through! Find How You Can Help MusiCares!

On November 9th, Chuck Mosley(Bad Brains, Faith No More, VUA, Cement) died after many years of battling the demons of drug addiction, and this album entitled “Soul Pretender” by Primitive Race is considered to be Chuck Mosley’s swansong.  Primitive Race is redirecting the album’s focus where 100% of proceeds go to benefit the MusiCares project, which has substance abuse programs for recording artists who are battling drug and alcohol addictions.  “Soul Pretender” by Primitive Race was released on November 3rd via Metropolis Records.

Primitive Race is composed of Chris Kniker as the brainchild behind this supergroup, Chuck Mosley on vocals, Dale Crover(The Melvins) on drums, Erie Loch on programming/bass, and Mark Thwaite on guitars/programming.  They have taken elements of garage rock, blues, and a bit of funk and industrial and created some stylistically simplistic yet complex music through the mixing and mastering of the album.

“Soul Pretender” starts off with a stylistically track entitled “Row House”.  “Row House” showcases Chuck Mosley kind of sounding menacing in a stalkerish fashion in this song.  The rhythms of the guitar and rhythm section are pulsating yet get the listen to kind of sway along with the music.  There is nothing overtly complicated about this track, yet it does what true musicianship does, and that is serve the song!  I immediately notice that is what Primitive Race does is serve the song!  “Cry Out” is done in a similar fashion, it is finding that balance by making accessible rock music, yet it takes that formula adds some colors and takes different brushstrokes on the canvas to make it quite artsy in the same token.  Primitive Race showcases their haunting tendencies in several tracks as well.

Those haunting tendencies are incorporated in the tracks “Nothing To Behold” and “Dancing On The Sun”.  “Dancing On The Sun” almost sounds prophetic as Chuck Mosley incorporates in his voice, which is an art form in itself, how “I’m gonna lose control”, after hearing of his death and thinking about his death, it makes the listener’s heart sink.  Was he a man crying for help in this track?  It made you feel the presence of him battling the scars and demons in his life, and now in a sense of urgency, also sounds demanding that someone go get him some help.  The arrangements in the guitars, programming, and rhythm section incorporate this feeling as it is a treacherous and a downtrodden type of feeling that almost gives it a sense of slowly going down that downward spiral or of someone that is sinking in quicksand.  The arrangements and the song are certainly a somber way to close out the album, as if it was almost prophetic considering the recent circumstances in regards to Chuck Mosley’s death.

After examining this album, it is one of Mosley’s darkest albums, yet stylistically it’s a broken yet beautiful piece of art in this music.  Many genres are explored throughout this album as something that Mosley and a select handful of frontmen only know how to do.  The album is haunting, snarky, brooding, and rebellious all in the same token making this simply a wonderful masterpiece.

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Row House
  2.  Cry Out
  3.  Cranial Matter
  4.  Take It All
  5.  Bed Six
  6.  Stepping Stone
  7.  Turn It Up
  8.  Soul Pretender
  9.  Nothing To Behold
  10.  Dancing On The Sun

Check out the music video teaser trailer to “Soul Pretender” below!

Fans can buy this record, stream it on Spotify, and check out Primitive Race at the following locations below!  Please BUY the record!  We need rehab programs for recording artists who are battling drug and alcohol addiction.  MusiCares is a wonderful organization that helps provide for those programs!



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