New Noise Mag Premieres Music Video for “Heliophobia” by Empty Threat

Fusing punk, post-grunge, and prog rock, Mississauga, ON’s EMPTY THREAT are an alternative band making noise in Ontario and Quebec playing shows routinely in Toronto, London, Montreal and more. Formed in 2011 by bassist Ryan Dobson and guitarist/singer Michael Roane, the duo acquired drummer David Jameson in 2014 and soon after they recruited second guitarist Matthew Roane to solidify their line up in 2015.

Wasting no time, the quartet is now planning the release of their debut EP entitled “Shutdown Nowhere” due out October 6, 2017. Teaming up with award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson who is known for his work with such names as The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator and Voivod, the EP is their first professionally recorded release.

Vocalist / guitarist Michael Roane comments:

“We are a young band, developing our style and pushing forward to provide a new sound experience. Most of the songs we have been working on for years – and have been through multiple edits and versions. This will be our first, legitimate attempt to introduce ourselves to the world – so we hope that fans will hear our songs and feel a slight familiarity to the genre, but will appreciate the unique touch we put in our songs – as we combine elements from multiple genres and use our effects to put a different perspective on old ideas. We also want people to know first and foremost our band is about creating passionate music that may resonate with other people. On the surface, we make music that has a carefully crafted intensity – like a chained beast tugging at the leash. For those who want to dig deeper, they see how this sound represents us, as people, and our struggles to reach our potential. We connect with our fans through these shared emotions.”

The forthcoming “Shutdown Nowhere” EP will feature six new crushing tracks full of introspective verse.

Roane adds “We aim to introduce ourselves by having a “new familiarity” feel to our songs. Veterans of rock and metal should be comfortable listening to our songs, but we aim to blend in elements that will surprise them.”

Teaming up with New Noise Magazine, the band is premiering their second single“Heliophobia” off the EP.

The band comments:

“The song tells the tale of a girl pushed to the edge by the torment from those around her. Ridiculed for her imperfections, she learns to hate everyone around her and becomes resentful towards herself for what she has become. However, if either party had simply taken the higher road and stepped above the hate – none of this would have happened. “Heliophobia” refers to how people are afraid to seek the truth and light. They either shelter themselves away to ridicule or degrade others, or corrupt truths to use as a weapon. Sonically, this song is fast, tight, and punky. The music races and pauses only briefly to reflect upon the state the world is left in.”

To hear “Heliophobia”, please visit the following link:

Live, EMPTY THREAT delivers a very high-energy and engaging show where they often improvise extended bridges and endings to songs to hype the crowd more. They take the negativity and loathing present in their songs and ramp up the energy to a powerful force that is a memorable moment that their fans can walk away with.

Show Dates:
Sept 22 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar – info

For more info: 

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