“Praise The Goat” by The Cold Year, jazz garage rock for the skeptic!

Praise The Goat by The Cold Year

Out of Orem, Utah is a three-piece band that combines the storytelling of the singer/songwriter golden age of the 1970’s, with smoke-filled ballroom bastard jazz of the 1940’s with modern day indie rock, and that band is The Cold Year.

In September of 2016, The Cold Year released their album entitled “Praise The Goat” in DIY-fashion.  The Cold Year is composed of Matthew Skaggs on guitars/vocals, Columbia Jones on drums, and Mitch Shepherd on bass.  They have taken their life experiences, combined with their skeptical views on religion and politics as a whole, and created some storytelling while expressing their philosophical views on the listener.

“Praise The Goat” starts off with the track entitled “Hades”.  It has somewhat of a hellish, creepy, intro that sounds like one of those super-old stand-up radios that were just invented or an old phonograph, but it breaks into sleek guitar playing and bluesy crooning from Skaggs along with a snappy rhythm section with Jones and Shepherd combining efforts on that part.  It surely combines old school jazz with modern indie-garage rock that will allow The Cold Year to possess one of the most unique sounds out there.  I especially appreciate the fuzz-guitar work and infectious riffs that Skaggs blends together with the rhythm.

“Praise The Goat” goes into a track entitled “S.O.S.”, we get to see the more LCD psychedelic version of The Cold Year, while bits of indie rock get thrown into the mix.  The storytelling to go along with this style of music with the subtle harmonies in this song continues to showcase the potential of The Cold Year.  The Cold Year definitely pulls no punches with the lyrics as they take a skeptical twist on the issues of religion and politics in this song.

“Kid’s Last Week” is a snappy track that allows the blues crooning of Matthew Skaggs to stand out.  The rhythm section is snappy and toe tapping, while Skaggs is talking about being just as well off digging his own grave if he doesn’t get out of this g-d place.

The Cold Year is a band that will do very well for themselves in the future.  I see them capturing strategic mass media placements along with providing an extra ear for those that crave the music of Tom Waits with a major Reverend Horton Heat twist on the music.  There is something for everyone that loves indie music with an awfully unique twist on it, especially if you are on a major jazz kick while you’re listening to some indie/garage rock.  It provides something unique for the palate, like going to that local delicatessen and trying some locally grown cold cuts in the midst of being surrounded by  the generic cold cuts that Hillshire Farm offers.  A solid 8 out of 10 for a band that showcases all kinds of unique potential.  Here is the track listing to “Praise The Goat” by The Cold Year below

  1.  Hades
  2.  S.O.S.
  3.  Kid’s Last Week
  4.  Oh Eve
  5.  Nashville’s Full
  6.  Bright Day
  7.  Guillotine
  8.  Rag
  9.  Gypsy Witch
  10.  Salted Floor

On September 2nd, The Cold Year will be appearing with Emby Alexander and Salduro at the Funk ‘N’ Dive Bar in Ogden, Utah.  For tickets and further information, click here

Check out the music video to “Kid’s Last Week” by The Cold Year

Check out The Cold Year at the following locations:





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