“Overloaded” by 42 Decibel, Bringing the Classic Rock Feel to Argentina and Beyond!

When people think of classic rock and the influences of classic rock, people look to the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia.  Argentina is certainly one of the last places a listener would look.  Buenos Aires, Argentina’s own 42 Decibel is tearing down the walls and the barriers and bringing a certain classic rock vibe to Argentina and beyond.  As of June 23rd, 42 Decibel released their latest offering entitled “Overloaded” via Steamhammer/SPV Records!

42 Decibel is composed of drummer/founder Nicko Cambiasso, founder/vocalist/guitarist Junior Figueroa, Chris Marck Towers on bass, and Billy Bob Riley on the slide guitar.  42 Decibel’s vision was to essentially allow the listener to reminisce about the roots of classic rock, of bands of old like AC/DC with the bluesy work of Led Zeppelin, with the sleek grooves of Jimi Hendrix, while thinking about the bands of today’s responses to classic rock such as Wolfmother, Airbourne, and The Answer.  42 Decibel has been tearing up stages in South America and are prepared to take their act to the European stages and hopefully to the North American stages.

“Overloaded” starts off with a straightforward rocker entitled “Whiskey Joint”.  In “Whiskey Joint”, 42 Decibel essentially captures the rock-n-roll spirit with sleek grooves from the slide guitar work of Billy Bob Riley, the “cigarettes and whiskey grovelly” voice that Junior Figueroa provides with a somewhat of a nod to the New Wave of British punk with the blast beats that Cambiasso and Towers provide in the rhythm section.  The track provides that mix that would make Bon Scott of AC/DC smile, while the guitars literally push themselves to the limit in the instrumental break.  This song is 42 Decibel’s tip of the cap to the roots of Americana classic rock with that touch of New Wave British punk. You can tell 42 Decibel busted out the classic “Jailbreak” by AC/DC album in the next track “Dangerous Mess”.  “Dangerous Mess” is toe-tapping, air guitar grooving, and a head-nodding type of track, before the tempo amps it up a bit as they push on the gas pedal and go full steam ahead.  “Brawler” has a garage rock meets AC/DC feel to it, mixing garage rock with a touch of blues.  It tells a great blues/rock story, which is essential to a classic rock/blues album.

In 42 Decibel, fans will get quickly familiar with Billy Bob Riley’s slide guitar work in “Lost Cause”, which is very blues tinged, with a pinch of psychedelic rock thrown into the mix that would make a band like Led Zeppelin proud.  There is a heaping helping of blues/rock in “Double Itch Blues” that talks about longing for that girl that they can’t have, which is a common theme in a blues track.  The rhythm section is slick and the guitar work’s solos are terrific from a picking standpoint and Junior tells a great story and it ultimately showcases the diversity of his voice.

If you are craving a new classic rock band, then look no further than 42 Decibel.  “Overloaded” is a straightforward rocker that has no gimmicks, no frills, and no autotune, which makes the music sound authentic to the listener.  It’s pretty cool that a band from Argentina is reminding us the greatness of the classic rock era that happened in the United States.  For that, I will give “Overloaded” a solid 8 out of 10 for those wonderful reminders.  Here is the track listing below!

“Overloaded” by 42 Decibel

  1.  “Whiskey Joint”
  2.  “Dangerous Mess”
  3.  “Brawler”
  4.  “Roadkiller”
  5.  “Hot Shot”
  6.  “Half Face Dead”
  7.  “Lost Case”
  8.  “Cause Damage”
  9.  “Double Itch Blues”
  10.  “Cannon Fodder”

“Dangerous Mess” by 42 Decibel

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On Friday, July 28th, 42 Decibel will be headlining The Roxy Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with special guests Demulsion.  For tickets and further information, please go here.


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