Ironically, I can relate to the conceptual theme of this record.  I woke up from a nap today, and it was like I was almost in one of those states where, for a moment, I didn’t know where I was or what time of the day it was.  It was one of the deepest slumbers I have had in a long time.  SikTh takes that conceptual theme of where you wake up from a crazy dream, and puts it into a record entitled “The Future In Whose Eyes?”.  This is one of those sonically arresting records from an audiophile standpoint!

SikTh is out of Watford, United Kingdom.  Little do people realize is that this sextet has been around for years!  Bands like Animals As Leaders, TesseracT, Protest The Hero, and Periphery all cite SikTh as a major influence in their arrangements and in the lyrical content.  Vocalist and lyricist Mikee Goodman really wanted to push himself from a songwriting standpoint into writing that concept about how one is awakened from a catatonic state.

“The Future In Whose Eyes?” starts off with a track entitled “Vivid”.  I am immediately noticed by the sonic assault that SikTh is becoming more and more known for, where they have sudden tempo changes from an almost math-core aspect to a theatrical feel that a band like System Of A Down would display in the lyrics in order to get the message across.  SikTh really showcases, in the bridge of “Vivid” in particular, how to paint that lyrical picture where the listener can visualize what is going on in the track.  It feels like an abstract painting where many colors are thrown in a chaotic way on the canvas, and as the listener further examines the canvas, they begin to unpack and gather information on the somewhat cryptic messages that SikTh portrays in the songs.

“Century Of The Narcissist?” seems to take a potshot at modern day globalists and modern day politicians.  How politicians are viewed as demagogues and how us as people far too often look to our leaders for guidance when we should be carving out our own niche and path instead.  “The Aura” continues this concept of awakening from a catatonic state.  The chorus is especially driving and Goodman really displays his vocal prowess.  I especially love how this album is a story, as shown in “The Ship Has Sailed”.  The voiceover sounds like it should be from a psychological thriller, with the root word “psycho” emphasized in it.  The breakdowns in the verses of “Weavers Of Woe”, and the sudden tempo changes and vocal tradeoffs are absolutely impeccable and provide for that turning point that an amazing record needs.  Spencer Sotelo, who is the vocalist of Periphery, really adds to the dynamics of SikTh in “Cracks Of Light”.  It is stunning how the album closes in “When It Rains”, as it ties in the resolution of the story perfectly.

From a theatrical standpoint, from the various connotations and symbolism that SikTh provide in the lyrics, to the math-core elements, this album tells an incredible story the whole way through.  From an auditory standpoint, it is stunning how this band flies under the radar.  They combine thought provocation, progression in the arrangements, and an all out sonic assault in the rhythm sections due to the impeccable, seamless transitions in the tempo changes.  For old school SikTh fans, this may feel like a departure to what has made them an underground sensation, but rest assured, this is SikTh.  It is just another layer of the band to unpack with the band.  It is probably their most experimental offering to date!   “The Future In Whose Eyes?” by SikTh was released on June 2nd via Peaceville Records!  Go pick it up!  Here is the track listing below!

“The Future In Whose Eyes?” by SikTh

  1.  “Vivid”
  2.  “Century Of the Narcissist?”
  3.  “The Aura”
  4.  “The Ship Has Sailed”
  5.  “Weaves Of Woe”
  6.  “Cracks Of Light”
  7.  “Golden Cufflinks”
  8.  “The Moon’s Been Gone For Hours”
  9.  “Riddles Of Humanity”
  10.  “No Wishbones”
  11.  “Ride The Illusion”
  12.  “When It Rains”

Here is the video to “Golden Cufflinks” below!


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