May 9th, Don’t Sleep on Bubbles Erotica!

Let’s get a mad scientist, leave him alone in their labratory and see what kind of insane creation they can come up with!  Bubbles Erotica, out of Chicago, Illinois, is proceeding to rewrite the script as they release their self-titled record independently on May 9th!

The first part of this creation is taking some 80’s new wave, electronica, hard rock with insane guitar solos with a dash of 60s surfer rock, and you have scratched the surface of what Bubbles Erotica is about!  Take everything that you have learned about rock-n-roll, throw it out the window, as Bubbles Erotica prepares to re-write the book on rock-n-roll.

This record starts off with a sleek and sexy ditty entitled “Cicada Arcade”.  Bubbles Erotica has a surf-rock The Killers vibe as it has that surfer-rock groove along with The Killers in their hey day.  Bubbles Erotica explores the Foxy Shazam catalog with the next track entitled “Wisco Disco”.  What a fun, tongue-in-cheek filled track that will leave you with no choice but to dance about in place.  The basslines are groovy and there is a tinge of reggae in the track in “All I Want”.  The harmonies and the electronica take over with a Weezer vibe mixed with a sassy R.E.M. vibe in “Ghost”.  The guitars are lush and the music is not of this world!

Lyrically, they are full of fun surprises and various themes.  It is mostly about letting loose and having a good time, while they’re are themes of longing and getting out of a relationship sprinkled in here and there.  Sonically, this is one of the most versatile bands that I have heard in awhile!  Each part of the music in each song serves a purpose and there is not a wasted note at all!  For this, I give this upcoming self-titled release a solid 4 out of 5 star rating!  They will be performing with Killing Gods at their CD release party at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on May 6th! Don’t miss it if you’re in the Chicago area.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  “Cicada Arcade”
  2.  “Humbaba”
  3.  “Under Your Wing”
  4.  “Op C”
  5.  “Wisco Disco”
  6.  “Home”
  7.  “All I Want”
  8.  “Cloak & Dagger”
  9.  “Ghost”
  10.  “Alive”

Here is the music video to “Cicada Arcade”! Check it out!

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