Loud and aggressive rock duo from Long Beach, CA. The UNIT gets straight to the point with deep grooves, heavy riffs, big drums and a powerful combination of melodic vocals and screams. With their unique brand of rock influenced by the spirit of punk and metal, this DIY band is quickly gaining respect and building a following due to a high energy live show and intense stage presence.

Now teamed with Pavement Entertainment, The UNIT, founded and fronted by Sofi Savage (Guitars/Vocals) will unleash a “Take No Prisoners” campaign with Hutch Hostile (Drums), for their debut release “I WON’T DIE”.

Check out the teaser to “I Won’t Die” here!

Here is the track listing to The UNIT’s upcoming release!

  1.  “The Black”
  2.  “All That’s Left”
  3.  “I Won’t Die”
  4.  “And I Walk”
  5.  “Away From Me”
  6.  “Stake In Your Mind”
  7.  “Hide”
  8.  “By Yourself”


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