Unleash Them:  Omaha’s and Zion, Illinois’ son J-Breed

Unleash Them: Omaha’s and Zion, Illinois’ son J-Breed

Out of Zion, Illinois and now Omaha, Nebraska is a man that is determined to change the hip-hop rap game for a long time!  I’ve seen this man perform on a couple of occasions at the Rose Bowl in Mason City, Iowa and I even had the pleasure of working with him as well.  This man is determined to change the game.  May I unleash J-Breed on you?

J-Breed has taken heartache growing up, with his biological father leaving due to a major separation between his family, and has taken that message into something positive for today’s upcoming generation and our generation can relate to.  I remember having conversations with him, and his passion for providing a safe haven fo  He has released two albums entitled “Underrated” and “Coma”.  “Coma” seems to be symbolic of rising like a phoenix from the ashes and being determined to utilize his own craft in order to make a difference in this world.  Here are several videos by J-Breed!

“Firefly” by J-Breed The Rebel

“All of Me” by J-Breed featuring Stackzz

J-Breed has signed with new management.  His collaborations, his wordplay, and his beats flow like a fine wine in glass.  Please share this post if you like what you hear!

Thank you J-Breed for reaching out to Madness To Creation.  We’re always honored to spread the word, especially if we like it!


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