The two members of Brooklyn-based Pueblo, Jonah P. Smith and Julian P. Smith, have known each other for nearly a decade, though the two are just in their early 20s. The familiarity of close friends is evident in their music; the debut collection, Boring the Camera, was released through State Fair Records on March 31. Treble premiered the new single, “Cry Etc.” today.

“Pueblo create a dreamy and soulful atmosphere of subtle but beautifully arranged indie pop, blending elements of folk, pop and electronic sounds into a catchy and hypnotic pop gem,” Treble said.

Produced by Paul Williams, Boring The Camera is filled with the highly conscious lyrical reflections of Jonah Smith, many of which offer a maturity far beyond his years.

“It seems to go against American cultural norms to say it’s healthy to cry or accept defeat,” Jonah said of the band’s latest single. “It’s always this ‘get up, brush yourself off and fight the good fight’ rhetoric. It’s good in some ways but numbing in others. I just wanted to sing a song that rejoices in the catharsis that pain can bring, rather than suppressing it entirely.”

Filled with earthy, atmospheric pop-rock, Boring The Camera also features Julian on various instruments, including lead guitar, bass, keys, percussion, bells and even triangle. The newest evolution in the long musical relationship between the Smiths, Boring The Camera is a lesson in using less, with sparse arrangements that let the talents of both its members shine. It’s an ode to the foundations of pop-rock, offering Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and The Beatles as influences.

Natives of Dallas, Texas, Jonah and Julian met in grade school, and have played in bands together ever since — and sometimes even in rival bands. In high school, they formed the locally celebrated band The Azalea Project. In August of 2016 the duo moved to Brooklyn, New York, wiping the slate clean to form Pueblo.

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