“The ‘She Loves You’ music video is about a guy who goes from being a forced pop star to a rock star,” explains Damiano. “Out of it like with every band we get a stalker who tries to get in with us and sneak into our show like the girl in the video did. It was so much fun filming the video, especially the band shots where I got to play. What I hoped to get across was to appeal to teenagers and young adults in my age group and have them be my fan base. The intro of the video was supposed to be making fun of most pop icons for example like Justin Bieber.”

But the EP features original compositions that feature his outstanding instrumental skills, as well. “The songs on this new release were done the old school way. So no computers were used to play the music, we played all the instruments on the record. The best part of being involved in the mixing process was I could pick what I liked and basically mold the songs into what they are now. The guitar work I feel has improved my playing and developed my own style immensely. I actually was able to develop my solos into something instead of just going off and noodling. I feel as if I wrote my best work when I was in the studio compared to being at home and feeling like I’m forced to write.” Also included is the track “Straight Between the Eyes,” produced by Damiano and Rob Thorne from Connecticut’s heavy metal underground legends Sacred Oath.

“My main goal is to entertain people with my music and to have them experience some great feeling – whatever that may be when they listen to my music. I am all about making the audience and listeners happy when they listen and see me play and not letting one go home dissatisfied. I am all about and all for the audience and my fans.”

‘Built in Good Value’ Tracklisting:

1. Overture

2. Must’ve Been the Devil

3. Built in Good Value

4. Straight Between the Eyes

5. She Loves You


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