Music by: Eemeli Bodde / FFTM
Lyrics by: Teemu Halmetoja / Eemeli Bodde
Recorded by: Eemeli Bodde
Produced by: Eemeli Bodde
Mixed&Mastered by: Timfy James (Hacktivist, Old School Studios)
Art by: Teemu Halmetoja

Funeral For The Masses was found by Eemeli Bodde & Teemu Halmetoja in the winter of 2014. This five piece band hails from the dark northern city of Oulu, Finland, and now represents the top end of Finnish Deathcore. Slowly but steady FFTM found their own sound and branded the style “Brutal Metal”.So far they have released 3 EPs, done tours and played some of the biggest metal festivals in Finland.
“Pitch Black” Track Listing
1.  “Death Sentence”
2.  “F.F.T.M.”
3.  “Blinded Eyes”
4.  “Pitch Black”
5.  “Delusions”
6.  “Fallen Idol”

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