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Weekend Brunch Edition Vol. 14: “Snowed In” Edition Weekly News plus Spotify Playlist!

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to this special blizzard “Snowed In” edition of Weekend Brunch Edition Weekly News and Spotify Playlist via…

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Sal Abruscato(TYPE O NEGATIVE, LIFE OF AGONY) of A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH Converses with Madness To Creation on Muscle Cars, Family, and Favorite Memory of Peter Steele!

Editor’s Note:  It was such a great conversation with Sal Abruscato, who is the founder of legendary underground metal bands…

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(Album Review) “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” by Sick Of It All

New York Hardcore means integrity, perseverance and dedication to the cause.  Sick Of It All has been the flagbearers of…