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(Unsuspecting Reviews Vol 1: ) MTC Reacts: “Thrash Unreal” by AGAINST ME!

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to Unsuspecting Reviews!  This is where I take people’s requests and randomly react to a song.  For…

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We Nerd Out Vol. 109: Bands MADNESS TO CREATION Covered in 2019! Year End Playlist!

I want to share this playlist with you.  Honestly, I thought we hit the pinnacle when we shot Warped Tour. …

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(Album Review) “Gold & Grey” by BARONESS

Today, Baroness has released their latest album entitled “Gold & Grey”.  Just when you think it’s not possible for this…

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Weekend Brunch Edition Vol. 4: Weekly Music News plus Spotify Playlist!

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the fourth edition of Weekly Brunch Edition!  Here the weekend is upon us, the sun is…

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(Concert Review) BARONESS with DEAFHEAVEN and ZEAL & ARDOR Live at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota (3/29/2019)

It was an enchanting night of metal as Baroness led the charge with special guests Deafheaven and Zeal & Ardor,…

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(EP Review) “Fine Lousy State” by Black Dog Prowl

Out of Washington D.C. comes a band who mixes the gritty grunge of Soundgarden, with the fuzz noise of Baroness,…

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Bassist Noah Denney of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Discusses Rock’N’Roll History with Madness To Creation!

Editor’s Note:  It was a beautiful Friday Spring Night as Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown were providing direct support for…

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“Too Far Gone” by Cane Hill…Power and Strength!

Deep in the backwoods of Louisiana comes a band that has a newfound purpose, a new found sobriety(congratulations to Cane…

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Thrice, Chon, and Balance And Composure Captivate Iowa!

It was a decision that had to be done, seeing in my view, the greatest band in the world in…