(EP Review) “Afrowave 2” by AFRO B (Throwback Review)

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On July 6th, 2018, Afro B released his breakthrough EP entitled “Afrowave 2”.  If you want something different for your New Year’s party, then this EP is worth spinning at your party!

There has been somewhat of a breakthrough in Afrobeat music in the United Kingdom.  In fact, this EP includes the smash hit “Drogba(Joanna)”, in which the lyric video has over 34 million hits on YouTube.  Afro B will certainly continue to be leading the charge in the world of Afrobeat music for the foreseeable future.

The bits are so chill and draws plenty from African beats and culture in the music.  Afro B does a masterful job of creating songs that get stuck in your head while creating those infectious beats that seem to find that balance of getting your grind on at the club with chilling at that after-hours party.  His collaborations with Swift in “Police”, Tion Wayne in “They Know”, and with Veeiye in “Hold Me” showcases that he can create that reggae protest song, that sensual romantic Afrobeat jam, and that self-aggrandizing anthem that seems to balance Afrobeat with a touch of mumble rapping, which makes Afro B a sought after collaborator.

Based on the beats and catchiness, Madness To Creation is pleasantly surprised by “Afrowave 2”, as we rate it an 8 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  One Time
  2.  Je T’aime
  3.  They Know ft. Tion Wayne
  4.  Hold Me ft. Veeiye
  5.  Decale
  6.  Drogba(Joanna)
  7.  Police ft. Swift
  8.  Go Deh
  9.  Validation

Fans can find Afro B at the following locations:

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel: https://lnk.to/AfroB-YTID

Twitter: https://lnk.to/AfroB-TWID

Instagram: https://lnk.to/AfroB-IGID

Facebook: https://lnk.to/AfroB-FBID

iTunes: https://lnk.to/AfroB-iTunesID

Spotify: https://lnk.to/AfroB-SPID   

Deezer: https://lnk.to/AfroB-DEID

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