“Boom Goes The Dynamite” As Johnny Cab Converses with Evan of Madness To Creation!

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Contributor’s Note:  There is a plethora of solid rock music out there.  From kids in garages to bands like Queens of the Stone Age, rock music is everywhere.  It’s tough to stand out, but Johnny Cab definitely does.  Their songwriting is great and they take great risks in their songs that have huge pay offs.  I was really lucky to get to talk to them and learn about their new album, Tinsel Town Twist.

Your first track, ‘Boom,’ off of Tinsel Town Twist punches you in the face with some fuzzy bass, which I fucking love.  What are some other sounds and playing styles that you like to use in your music?

Growing up, Chris Indigo was was obsessed with first-wave 77 style punk sounds.  David C. (Guitar) and he formed a common bond in their affinity for those sounds. The group as whole shares very diverse musical interests. There are some funk influences, rockabilly, surf, garage, and tidbits of a lot of other stuff. We work with what is on the table. Mix it all together and you’ve got some Johnny Cab.

Your music reminds me a lot of early Rancid, it’s dripping with attitude and it has a confidence that really grabs me.  Do you feel that confidence when you’re writing your music?

Our song writing atmosphere is wild. Lots of disco lights in the basement. It’s got a cozy after hours club feel. We are very confident in our writing. We when we have an idea we stick with it until we have something that works. Our goal is to make music that is different than what is out there and at the same time appeal to a wide variety listeners. If we don’t get it right, let them tell us we are wrong.

With more and more music moving towards being more electronic and DJ orientated, what role do you think punk will play in the music scene in the future?  

As music becomes more homogeneous  with sleek electronic DJ oriented packaging, there will be people who are looking for something more honest. That is where punk rock comes in.  Punk is that outlier which pulls people away from the norm. It is what is weird today that keeps music moving forward tomorrow. .

What is next for you guys?  How do you feel that your music has changed and where do you see it going in the future?

We are deep into a string of shows to promote the ‘Tinsel Town Twist’ EP and having a bunch of fun. At every gig there  is a new crowd, and a new group of fans and friends. Every night out there is learning experience for us. We plan to be back in the studio this winter working on our debut full length album. We’ll be staying true to our sound and adding some new influences. To see where we are going in the future you’ll have to come along for the ride.

What was the worst show you’ve ever played?  What was the craziest show you’ve ever played?

Our first show was our worst show. (That’s everyone’s story.)  We showed up early. Very excited, you know it was our first gig. We mentioned the name of another band for the night to the bartender, and she said she was going to leave early to avoid being sexually harassed. Not really our scene. When we took the stage it felt like we were in some kind of vortex science experiment. The sound was all over the place and it took us a few songs to find our steps. In the end it went over well. We got an invite back and took a mental note never to play with bands which make bartenders leave.

One the craziest shows ever was at this place called the Grady Tavern in Manchester, CT.  It’s a small mom and pop bar which sometimes books indie music. The capacity in the place can’t be more than 50, so it always feels packed. We played a 40 minute set, and got an unexpected encore. This was a problem. We had played all our songs and had no more music. We tried to give a polite, thank you, see you next time… but the crowd would not let up. I think they may have even blocked the doors. At least it seemed that way. The place was so small and loaded up with people. We ran into the kitchen. The guy working the bar met us there with a grin on his face and shouted go play your entire set again. We played the one song we hadn’t played in months as an encore and totally butchered it. The people in the bar kept going nuts. They did not even care that it sounded bad; they just wanted more Johnny Cab. Lesson learned: Don’t get caught without an ace in the hole for an encore.

And there you have it!  Find Johnny Cab at the following locations:



Johnny Cab has several gigs coming up!  Check out show dates below!

Sat. 9/15- Indie Music Showcase at 33 Golden Street in New London, Connecticut (w/T.I.T.S., Dr. Martino, The Right Offs, and Tango Mango)

Sat. 10/6- Grady Tavern in Manchester, Connecticut

Thu. 10/18- Otto’s Shrunken Head in New York, New York (w/On The Cinder, Bitcoin Camera, and DJ Pat Pervert)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

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