(The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz Ep. 271): ALLIE COLLEEN

Contributor’s Note:  Allie Colleen returns to The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for the 271st episode via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, Allie talks about her latest single entitled “Pink Lemonade.”  The single is slated for release on June 15th. 

They discuss meeting Nora Collins who wrote and performed the song originally, and they discuss whether or not there will be a music video to the song.  They get into fun topics including the challenges of math word problems, Allie’s favorite drink of choice and she gives a shoutout to Nashville Pickers Vodka.  Allie also discusses her show in Paso Robles at Rava Wines.  

Allie Colleen will be performing at the following shows:

Friday, June 11th- Comstock Windmill Festivall in Comstock, Nebraska

Saturday, July 17th- Valleyview Campgrounds in Belmont, Ohio

Saturday, July 31st- Milbank, South Dakota

Saturday, August 7th- Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee

Fans can find Allie Colleen on Facebook, Instagram and her official website.

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.

Fans can check out this episode featuring Allie Colleen via SoundCloud below:

Check out some of Allie Colleen’s music via Spotify!

* Photo Credit:  Victoria Rose 

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