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Contributor’s Note:  Becky Buller joins The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for the 258th episode via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, Becky discusses the video for “Don’t Look Back” and performing on Prairie Home Companion and Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.  Fans can find Becky Buller on Facebook and her official website.  Here is a timeline of what they discussed:

0:00 – Don’t Look Back is discussed.  The video was shot at Vintage Whimsey in Springfield, TN.   This song is on rotation on Bluegrass Junction on Sirius XM.   17 seconds into “Don’t Look Back” there are some chord changes that give us absolute goosebumps.  Becky talks about her favorite line in the song.  Becky lives in Manchester, Tennessee and our show is broadcast from Manchester, UK.   Becky talks about her Minnesota accent.   


9:01 – Don asked Becky if she has received response from fans who first heard her on Bluegrass Junction on Sirius XM and she responds.   She talks about the amazing feeling she had when she heard Becky Schlegel and her band perform one of her songs “Wings Of An Angel” on “Prairie Home Companion” and she got to hear it. “I about drove off the road!”.   


12:55 – Becky talks about a song that gets her emotional every time she hears it.   “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by The Kruger Brothers


14:27 – “The Ride” starting at 2:46 of the track.  Becky is the first female fiddle player ever to win the IBMA “Fiddle Player Of The Year” Award! 

“I still can’t believe it.  I was in that category with my heroes.  I can’t believe that Laurie Lewis or Alison Krauss did not win this award first”.  


17:24 – Don asks the questions, “At what age did you realize that you could sing?”.  Becky responds along with the support she received to pursue her passion.  Don also talked about how long it took Becky to figure out how to play the fiddle.  


19:35 – Don asks Becky what her hairbrush song was when she would sing into the mirror as a little girl.   “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams.   We talked about that song.  

We also discuss singing in the car and what our passengers have to say 


21:56 – We discuss her track “The Barber’s Fiddle” starting at 3:11 of the track.  Don brings up how great it would have been to have Becky sing with John Denver.   Linda Dawson was the co-writer on the track 


23:58 – “You Come Around” has such a beautiful intro.  Jeff Hyde and John Pennel.   Jeff had a lot to do with how the song started.   


25:11 – “Head On Down The Line” we go to 1:27 of the track.  Becky talks about a German Documentary Film Crew who met her in Tennessee and the story that led to Head On Down The Line.   Chrissy Mosselman.   Becky talks about touring Germany in her past.   Becky talks about the impact of Bluegrass on the younger generation.   


31:03 – “We Let Each Other Go”  The title was enough to intrigue us.  This title can mean so many different things.   Becky was the sole writer on this song as she worked through a broken heart.   We go to 1:25 on the track.  Melanie Cannon provided beautiful harmonies with Becky.   Becky talks about a song from Blue Highway called “Still Climbing Mountains” which helped her through a broken heart.

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