(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 115): JHARIAH

Contributor’s Note:  This podcast is sponsored by 2 Foot Parade Records.  Check out Almost Made The Mixtape on 2 Foot Parade Records.  Jhariah Clare(New York) joined Bryan on the 115th episode of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast.  In this episode, Jhariah discusses the DIY scene in New York and how he has one foot in the DIY scene and one foot in the Broadway scene.  Jhariah and Bryan get into quite the lively discussion about music, promoting themselves and the like.  Fans can find Jhariah on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fans can find Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Fans can check out the lyric video to “Flight Of The Crows” by Jhariah below:

Author: Bryan Porter

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