(The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz Ep. 249): JAKE HOOT

Contributor’s Note:  Season 17 winner of The Voice/country music sensation Jake Hoot appeared on the 249th episode of The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via FAB Radio International.  Based on the time stamps listed below, here is what Jake Hoot discussed with The Don and The Grizz:

0:00- Jake Hoot’s performance of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” that he performed on The Voice Season 17

3:54- Goosebump moments he had performing on The Voice while performing a song by The Eagles and also singing with his coach Kelly Clarkson

5:32- Discussing the new EP “Love Out Of Time” and discussing the song “This Is The Night”

8:09- Discussing the song “Something Slow We Can Dance To”

13:11- Discussing the song “Love Out Of Time”

14:17- Discussing “I Would Have Loved You” featuring Kelly Clarkson and what Jake learned from Kelly being his coach

21:09- Discussing “The Best Job I Ever Had”, a song about his parents.

Fans can find Jake Hoot at his official website, Facebook and Instagram

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.

Fans can find this episode featuring Jake Hoot via SoundCloud below:

Fans can check out the music video for “I Would’ve Loved You” by Jake Hoot featuring Kelly Clarkson below:

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