(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 114): Mark McMillon of HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS/THE STORY CHANGES

Contributor’s Note:  Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast is sponsored by 2 Foot Parade Records. Check out the music of Friendship Village, Worry Club and Almost Made The Mixtape. Please email Bryan Porter at invitetheneighbors@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring his podcast.  Mark McMillon of Hawthorne Heights/The Story Changes joins Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast for the 114th episode via Spotify and Bluberry.  In this episode, Mark with Bryan and Benny discuss Earthquaker Devices and the conversation starts with a how-to guide on how to make the guitar pedals sound amazing with the guitar and other tricks of the trade in regards to guitar pedals.  The Story Changes released the single “The Longest Year” and they talked about the process of releasing and Mark talks about his home studio and how they have adjusted promoting and writing with the Covid-19. Fans can be expecting some big things from The Story Changes, and Mark also talks about some amazing memories with Hawthorne Heights.  Fans can find The Story Changes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fans can check out this episode featuring Mark McMillon of Hawthorne Heights and The Story Changes via Spotify below:


* Photo Credit:  Madness To Creation

Author: Bryan Porter

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