(Mental Health Conversation) Madness To Creation Podcast Ep. 27: Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING

(Mental Health Conversation) Madness To Creation Podcast Ep. 27: Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Madness To Creation Podcast where self-care and music merge.
In the 27th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, Emily Lazar of September Mourning discusses the following topics:
– cryptocurrency
– NFT’s or non-fungible tokens
– “Kill This Love” music video
– coping with her mental health through the Covid-19 pandemic
– Her graphic novels and artwork that is sold digitally or through non-fungible tokens

About September Mourning: September Mourning is a dark culture fantasy band based on a graphic novel (Top Cow/Image Comics) created by singer Emily Lazar (September) and comic legend, Marc Silvestri. “Volume IV” is due out this summer and fans can check out “Kill This Love” on YouTube. Fans can also find September Mourning at www.septembermourning.com and on Facebook and Instagram @septembermourning and on Twitter @sptmbrmourning

Mental Health Theme: This episode’s theme is preparing for your financial future. Emily Lazar educates us on how people can invest in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens and how to sell digitally in order to make significant profits. It is so important to manage your mental health by taking care of your finances. I call it “keeping your house in order.” This includes watching what you spend, setting a certain amount aside in your savings account and reducing or cutting out expenses in your life.
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Fans can also check out this episode featuring Emily Lazar of September Mourning via SoundCloud below:

Fans can check out the music video for “Kill This Love” by September Mourning below:


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