(Album Review) “A History of Nomadic Behavior” by Eyehategod

‘A History of Nomadic Behavior’ is the new record from hardcore/doom-slingers Eyehategod. This album lands following their 2014 self titled album, and a lot of touring around the US and Asia with bands such as OFF!, Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, Corrosion of Conformity, AntiSeen and the Obsessed.

‘A History of Nomadic Behavior’ dives straight in with angsty vocals, heavily distorted guitars and an all-round explosive energy. By merely taking a look at the track titles for this album the vibes and themes are very clear and also, I think, quite relatable for many in our troubled times. The fast energy and explosive power of aggressive emotions is what quite a lot of people need right now. This album has been eagerly awaited by their fans, and now is as good a time as ever to unleash some chaotic madness. ‘Built Beneath the Lies’ opens the album. The guitar tones sound fantastic. There’s a great amount of distortion that gives a really dirty, raucous feel. The percussion packs a punch along with the harsh aggression in the vocals. Changing the pace throughout the track plays wonderfully with the dynamics of their sound. Bluesy aspects come through during the slower section adding another interesting layer to the mix. Tracks such as ‘The Outer Banks’ really delve into the darker sludge side of their sound. The gritty sound comes across very powerfully in the mix.

Later in the album ‘Current Situation’ delivers a section of chaotic white noise which feels uncomfortably apt for our current pandemic existence. It brings in an almost post-modern, progressive element, which does actually work pretty well. ‘Anemic Robot’ features a simple but effect riff performed across the guitars. A catchy riff such as the one used in this track really gets hooked inside your head. Eyehategod experiment with rhythms across the tracks on the record. ‘The Day Felt Wrong’ involves some unusual rhythm patterns across the instrumentation. The resulting sound is disturbing and unsettling – its a composition technique that I really enjoy; using the rhythm to mess with the mood and atmosphere of the music. ‘Smoker’s Piece’ is an unexpected addition to the album but the short instrumental track adds something extra to the album. It’s a great little bluesy piece.

This album delivers a pretty big punch. The genre mixing that goes in on Eyehategod’s sound creates something rather unique. It may have taken a while, but I think ‘A History of Nomadic Behavior’ has been worth the wait.

Release: 12 March 2021 via Century Media

Eyehategod are:

Mike IX Williams – vocals
Jimmy Bower – guitar
Gary Mader – bass
Aaron Hill – drums

Music written by Bower, Hill, Mader. and Williams
Lyrics by  Williams
Produced by Eyehategod, Sanford Parker and James Whitten
Engineered by Sanford Paker
Mixed by Sanford Parker/James Whitten
Mastered by James Whitten
Recorded at Chicago – Hypercube, and HighTower Recording, USA


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialEyeHateGod

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyehategodnola/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EyehategodNola

Author: Holly Royle

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