(Exclusive Premiere/Mental Health Conversation): MADNESS TO CREATION PODCAST: JOE BARKSDALE + Premiere for “Nighttime” via SoundCloud

(Exclusive Premiere/Mental Health Conversation): MADNESS TO CREATION PODCAST: JOE BARKSDALE + Premiere for “Nighttime” via SoundCloud

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the Madness To Creation Podcast where self-care and music merge.  Before you listen to the podcast featuring Joe Barksdale, I must issue a trigger warning.  The podcast addresses the sensitive topics of anxiety, depression and suicide.  At Madness To Creation, we recognize that those topics might have an adverse effect on the listener.  In order to provide a safe listen for the listener that might be adversely affected, the topic of a suicide attempt is discussed without Joe Barksdale going into details.  In order to provide a safe listening experience for the adversely affected listener, please skip from 9:11 to the 10:15 mark.

Today, ex-NFL offensive lineman/multi-instrumentalist/comedian extraordinaire Joe Barksdale is exclusively premiering his single for “Nighttime” via SoundCloud for Madness To Creation.  This single is an ambiance dreamscape that also combines R&B and a club mix atmosphere into the song.  I equate the song to the pregaming anthem before a night out with your friends.  Joe Barksdale’s music provides those dreamscapes and those vibes to where the listener might be subconsciously getting into the groove and just feeling the music and the messages that Joe Barksdale is conveying in his music. On Friday, April 2nd, Joe Barksdale will be releasing his album entitled “Omari”, and his music has received rave reviews from V13, Pancakes & Whiskey and American Songwriter. Check out “Nighttime” via SoundCloud below:

On the 21st episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, Joe Barksdale discusses mental health and coping with mental health disorders and autism, along with cutting his teeth in the world of comedy and shares some crazy fan stories while on stage and while he played for the San Diego(now Los Angeles) Chargers.  We definitely hope to have Joe Barksdale back on.  Fans can find Joe Barksdale at the following locations:






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