(Album Review) “Product of My Environment” by JARHEAD FERTILIZER

(Album Review) “Product of My Environment” by JARHEAD FERTILIZER

Hailing from Ocean City, Maryland, the quartet are bringing a brutal sound with prominent influences of death and grind. The new album ‘Product of My Environment’ by Jarhead Fertilizer takes their sound into dystopian realms. If you like it heavy, this is an album for you!

Listening to ‘Intro’, the word that comes to mind to describe their music is chaos. But chaos in the best possible sense of the word. It’s heavy, dramatic, and catches your attention. Moving into the main tracks on the album the chaos subsides enough to show off their sound in the context of, what may be generically viewed as, a track. The energy is stupendous, with erupting percussion, stonking guitars and guttural vocals that are reaching new levels of low tones. ‘Silence the Narc’ pauses the heavy madness to feature a spoken word section as its introduction. It’s a powerful statement which I’ll leave to you to interpret as you will. Music is a place for expression and metal in particular has always been a clear outlet for speaking out against things main stream society would rather one remains quiet about. This album has a clear message as you can tell from the title.

The majority of tracks on this album reach just over a minute in length meaning they quickly jump from one to another. It feels quite disjointing and somewhat unsettling – but surely that’s the point? I like the fact that Jarhead Fertilizer have done something a little unconventional with the album. They’re clearly delivering their own sound and style. And you know what, it actually works really well. ‘An End to Your Sacred World’ sees another spoken word section. These little snippets provide an extra layer to the narrative of the album and, by breaking up the intensity of the aggression for a few moments, the impact of jumping straight back into the music feels even more epic. ‘Agony Churning’ does what it says – eerie synths, and grinding electronics bring an unexpected surprise and it creates a very apt atmosphere.

My first listen through this album was mostly taken up by trying to figure out what was going on. I recommend giving it a good few listens to fully appreciate what the band are doing with such a brutal sound. This album didn’t go where I expected it to, and that’s great. I love having albums like this thrown my way as it shows the vast array of creativity out there.

“Product of My Environment” Releases February 26 2021

Find Jarhead Fertilizer on Bandcamp: https://jarheadfertilizeroc.bandcamp.com/

Check out the album in its entirety via Spotify below:


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