(Single Review): On This Day in Black History Music:  “Respect” by ARETHA FRANKLIN

(Single Review): On This Day in Black History Music: “Respect” by ARETHA FRANKLIN

Since doing this Black History Month project, the one thing that I learned from today is that Otis Redding initially did “Respect”.  The song took on a much different connotation from what Aretha Franklin offered in her rendition.  Otis’s interpretation was that he was a hard working man and he deserved respect when he got home from work after putting in a long day.  Aretha’s was completely different.  Her rendition of “Respect” took on the meaning of someone that done her wrong and she was going to let the wrongdoer know that she doesn’t stand for that kind of behavior.  Aretha was a strong and proud woman in this song and “Respect” was so huge that historians point to her rendition as a landmark moment in the feminist/women’s liberation movement of the 1960’s and 70’s.  This song is ranked No.5 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time list, and it’s plain to see why.  Whether she was doing soul, R&B or gospel music, Aretha Franklin always sang with such conviction in her vocals.  This song changed the game for women in soul and R&B forever.  Plus the backup vocals complemented her conviction seamlessly.  On this Valentine’s Day, show some respect and love towards your loved one.


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