(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 104): KULICK

Contributor’s Note:  Kulick aka Jacob Kulick converses with Bryan & Benny for the 104th episode on Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast.  In this episode, Bryan and Benny discuss mental health with Kulick and how Kulick uses his music to talk about how he has an overactive inner voice and he channels that into his music.  On October 2020, Kulick released his debut record entitled “Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood”, which includes the singles “Just Be Friends” and “The Way I Am”.  Based out of Western Pennsylvania, Kulick toured with Sleeping With Sirens and The Rocket Summer in 2018 off of his debut EP “Hydroplane”.  Check out the music video for “Just Be Friends” below:

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Author: Bryan Porter

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