(Album Review) Day 3 of Black History Month MTC Getting Educated “Loc-ed After Dark” by TONE LOC

(Album Review) Day 3 of Black History Month MTC Getting Educated “Loc-ed After Dark” by TONE LOC

1988 and 1989 were the years for legendary hip-hop artist Tone-Loc.  While Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Public Enemy, N.W.A. and Beastie Boys ruled the game, there was a moment where an artist as smooth as silk and as catchy as an infection crossed over in a big way.  And this artist was Los Angeles born and bred Tone Loc.  Tone Loc released his landmark album “Loc-ed After Dark”.

You might have heard Tone Loc on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, King of the Hill, or Touched By An Angel.  It’s crazy to me as fast as he rose to success he fell just as quickly, although we saw a brief comeback on the 2017 “I Love The 90’s” tour.

“On Fire” showed Tone Loc how smooth his rhymes were and how witty his wordplay was.  “Wild Thing” was a SMASH hit, it reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and won “Best Rap Video” from the MTV Music Video Awards, however it came at a cost.  The song was sampled by the song “Jamie’s Cryin'” by Van Halen.  Van Halen settled out of court with Tone Loc for 180,000 dollars.  “Loc-ed After Dark” seemed to have that stoner rap vibe and “Funky Cold Medina” left people with a total mindfreak.  He rhymed aphrodisiac with “on my lap”.

This album shot to superstardom for several reasons.  First, the guitar hooks made it accessible to a mainstream artist.  Who doesn’t jam out to “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina”?  Secondly, Tone Loc had a smooth flowing rhyme with effortless wordplay.  Lastly, he was absolutely catchy and had a tongue in cheek vibe to his rhymes.  Check out the album in its entirety below:


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