(Album Review):  A Modern Man’s Way To Improve by ROYAL HORSES

(Album Review): A Modern Man’s Way To Improve by ROYAL HORSES

Back in December 2020, Mississippi’s own Royal Horses released their record entitled “A Modern Man’s Way To Improve”.  This ditty promises to offer some toe-tappin’, moonshine swilling, southern style barbecue at Grandmama’s house while getting schnockered something fierce.

Royal Horses is a hodgepodge of your grandmama’s favorite music rolled up with a twist of your favorite uncle’s cool jams.  Songs such as “Bottom of the Chart” has that “Down On The Corner” by CCR vibe, with that gator huntin’ backwoods/bayou feel.  The instrumental break will cause you to slap your mama and shut your mouth, with some down-home finger lickin’ guitar pickin’ and a subtle mandolin in the background to complete the arrangement.

Royal Horses also combines southern rock feels in “Who Do You Know” along with an old outlaw country vibe of “Valley of the New”, and they also incorporate some blues in “There She Walks”.  What sticks out to this chum is that the music has different vibes and lyrics that tug at the ol’ heartstrings.

For a wonderful listen with all the fixings and trimmings for this Southern feast of a band, git on down to their social media and pick up “A Modern Man’s Way To Improve” at your favorite digital streaming platform.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Bottom of the Chart
  2.  A Modern Man’s Way To Improve
  3.  Valley of the New
  4.  Who Do You Know
  5.  There She Walks
  6.  Leave A Light
  7.  Call It War
  8.  Rattlesnake Smoking A Cigarette
  9.  Ruby Do
  10.  BLD

Fans can find Royal Horses at the following locations:




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