(Album Review) “Crypt of Ice” by FROZEN SOUL

Hailing from Dalas, Texas, the death metal quintet fully formed in 2018 and they have been delivering stonking (technical term!) riffs ever since. Their sound is incredibly powerful from the off – encompassing dark, harsh, and cold moods in their music, this is something to be experienced.

Opening the album with the title track, ‘Crypt of Ice’, Frozen Soul starts as they mean to go on. They’re taking no prisoners by throwing their listeners head first into the dark abyss. It is a sheer wall of sound that hits you full on. I keep thinking of the epic mosh pits that must go on at their live shows (hopefully they will return in the near future). The mix is spot on; the guitars have been blended in such a way that they form a solid structure alongside the bass and percussion. But they remain balanced enough that the distinctive layers in the low realms of their sound can still be heard – it doesn’t become muddy or overly blended. The way the vocals come through is fantastic. The harsh vocals seem to emerge through the centre of the instrumentation. They don’t get lost in mix nor do they take over the instruments to point that any impact is lost. ‘Wraith of Death’ strikes me with the energy and rhythms clearly present through the percussion parts. The chord progressions that float above are fairly repetitive but its the descending nature of the pattern that gives the illusion of a continuous descent. I am really enjoying this track and, quite frankly, I love the name too!

‘Encased in Ice’ delivers a impactful build up with a slower pace which really allows the chords and beats to take up space. The sudden dive into a section fuelled of high energy and an immense pace creates a dramatic contrast. This track transforms into a full horror story with the sound of someone trapped under ice trying to escape. The atmosphere throughout the entire album has been carefully nurtured. The opening to ‘Twist the Knife’ sees an eerie, icy mood portrayed before diving back into the heavy. By having moments of different dynamics and sounds spread out amongst the tracks it brings some variety to the soundscape without lifting you out of the immersive experience. Concluding the album with ‘Gravedigger’, with its powerful rhythms particularly in the percussion, Frozen Soul leave their listeners on a dramatic end note.

I can’t get over the intensity of this album, the sound Frozen Soul have produced is incredible; I can’t think of better way to be dragged into the icy depths. Considering the quintet are still in the early years of their career, it’ll be fantastic to see how they grow.

Frozen Soul are:

Chad – Vocals
Sam – Bass
Matt – Drums
Chris – Guitar
Michael – Guitar
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Track listing:

   Crypt of Ice 4:24
   Arctic Stranglehold 4:20
   Hand of Vengeance 4:21
   Wraith of Death 4:03
   Merciless 3:34
   Encased in Ice 4:54
   Beat to Dust 2:57
   Twist the Knife 3:42
   Faceless Enemy 3:34
   Gravedigger 3:50

Author: Holly Royle

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