(Single Review) “Concerto in Dm” by ALLEGAEON

It’s not every day that J. S. Bach’s work is reimagined by a metal band. Metal and classical music are two very different genres that are known for working very well together. Often, orchestral elements are written around the metal instruments so it’s interesting to see the metal band adapt for a piece designed for orchestral instruments.

Greg Burgess (guitars) comments: “What can we say about J.S. Bach that hasn’t already been said? Musical genius? Greatest composer to ever walk the earth? It’s all been written before, so I’ll go to what he means to Allegaeon. I first heard this piece back in 2000, and it has been a dream of mine to arrange this piece for a metal band; it only took 20 years to make it a reality.” 

The lead guitars, performing the lead melodies, take a significant focus in Allegaeon’s interpretation of ‘Concerto in Dm’ but they don’t overpower the orchestral elements. The strings retain their prominent position, and the changing dynamics, and adjusting of instrumental arrangement to suit, adds variety. The tones and textures of the instruments blend together wonderfully. The guitar tones bring the right amount of distortion – they don’t overpower the delicate intricacies of the melodies but do bring the metal sound. The intense percussion enhances the overall power of the piece and keeps the momentum and fast movement going throughout. ‘In Flanders Fields’ is an unexpected extra with this release but it works wonderfully. The acoustic focused track delivers a different dynamic and mood to ‘Concerto in Dm’. It’s an interesting contrast, as well as being a beautiful stand-alone piece of music.

Allegaeon have produced an incredible interpretation of ‘Concerto in Dm’ that captures the essence of Bach’s work whilst adding their own twist. Technically it’s excellent and the amount of work that has gone into producing such a high-quality version clearly shows. This is a small but perfectly formed release with both tracks excellently produced and delivering such strong and powerful sounds.


 Track list:

  1. Concerto in Dm 7:21
  2. In Flanders Fields 2:45


Metal Blade Records Release: 4 December 2020


Allegaeon online:



Author: Holly Royle

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