(Album Review) “Moment” by DARK TRANQUILLITY

Hailing from Sweden, ‘Moment’ is the new album from the iconic melodic death metallers Dark Tranquillity. This release is their first in four years following the (Swedish) Grammy-nominated album, ‘Atoma’.

Dark Tranquillity’s sound contains a contradictory combination of demonic harsh vocals, heavily bring the death element, and soaring, progressive guitar lead melodies. ‘Transient’, in particular, brings an epic soaring chorus with the instrumentation giving the feel of floating upwards, whilst the vocals ground everything firmly in the dark depths below. The clean vocals on ‘The Dark Unbroken’ bring something extra to the track. The tone of the vocals blends wonderfully with the instrumentation, emphasising the soaring aspects. The piano in this track is subtle and haunting; the entire track has a dark undertone beneath the lighter sounds. ‘Ego Deception’ is one of the heavier tracks on the album featuring heavier, more distorted guitar tones and chonky (technical term) guitar rhythms.

The vast expanse of melodies and motifs presented in each track is simply ludicrous. Every instrument contributes to the overall sound, whilst also holding its own. The melodies have been composed to aptly suit the mood of the track, or even particular sections within tracks. The mix is balanced well to accommodate the busy nature of the instruments whilst balancing the distinctive vocals. In some respects, the mix feels a little top heavy – this is due to the intensity of the harsh vocals, which feel dark and heavy, over the lighter, soaring music. But it gives an interesting effect. ‘Standstill’ opens with an incredibly catchy melody hook, it’s one of those melodies that gets a hold in your mind and doesn’t let go. I’ll be playing this on repeat for a while! The changing dynamics of the verse and chorus in this track also have a very appealing nature.

The soundscape of the entire album feels immensely vast. There’s a powerful other worldly quality that creates a fascinating atmosphere to the music. There’s so much going on in this album it’ll need a few listens, I think, to be fully appreciated.


Track list:

  1. Phantom Days
    2. Transient
    3. Identical to None
    4. The Dark Unbroken
    5. Remain in the Unknown
    6. Standstill
    7. Ego Deception
    8. A Drawn Out Exit
    9. Eyes of the World
    10. Failstate
    11. Empires Lost to Time
    12. In Truth Divided


Line Up:

Mikael Stanne – Vocals

Anders Jivarp – Drums

Martin Brändström – Keyboards

Anders Iwers – Bass

Johan Reinholdz – Guitar

Chris Amott – Guitar

Check out the music video for “Eyes of the World” by Dark Tranquillity below:

Fans can find Dark Tranquillity at the following locations:




Author: Holly Royle

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