(Mental Health Conversations):  JEREMY BASTARD

(Mental Health Conversations): JEREMY BASTARD

Editor’s Note: Out on Dec. 02, 2020, the first single from Jeremy Bastard: Everyone is History, There is No Memory entitled “Shadow Boxing” (feat: Elektra Monet). This first single includes an original track not on the forthcoming LP called “Glasscutter” (Feat meviu§) as well as two remixes, one from Eric Shans and one from The Corrupting Sea. Each remix will also be unique to the single.

“Shadow Boxing” (feat: Elektra Monet) blends the best of shoegaze, post-punk, dreampop, and goth undertones to create what ought to be a hit record. 

About Jeremy Bastard:

Jeremy Bastard is a nightlight DJ, Shoegaze guitarist, remixer, and with his debut album a solo music Producer.  With clubs shutdown, and NYC nightlife on permanent hiatus during the pandemic, Jeremy had little choice but to wait out the worst of the City’s shutdown in Florida. There, away from his longtime home and with nothing but a laptop Jeremy started to get creative. Investing in some new music software: DX7, vintage drum machine samples, and a suite of Arturia virtual instruments, he set to work without any of his usual bandmates or tools. Finding inspiration in his limitations, he was soon composing guitar figures on synths, using a cue from his early heroes the Sisters of Mercy approach. Guitar music with no guitars. 

In this review and mental health conversation with Madness To Creation, Jeremy Bastard wanted to share the single and how important mental health awareness is to all of us.  Fans can find Jeremy Bastard at the following locations:





Madness To Creation:  What gets you through when times get difficult?

Jeremy Bastard: Things HAVE been difficult lately the past 8 or 9 months for just about everyone, really in one way or the other because of covid, and really pre-covid for a lot of people, things weren’t great to begin with.

 Personally, I went from constantly being around loads of people to being fairly isolated by comparison, that alone was jarring for me. Not to mention the additional stressors brought on by financial strain and the near constant worry about the health/wellbeing of my friends, family, and society in general. Also, the very real looming possibility of a societal collapse. 

In these times, I would say that i lean heavily on my friends, but i can’t just ask them to be present for me all the time whenever i am feeling sad or anxious, because I’d totally never leave them alone. I can’t just go through life draining people or demanding constant reassurance.

So, essentially I ask my friends to collaborate with me on an aspect of either a musical project or any sort of artistic project. I find that it works well (for me anyway) because it actively engages us doing a “thing” that doesn’t revolve around the things that are causing anxiety. It beats zoning out in front of a television set, getting heavily into drugs/alcohol, doom scrolling social media, or just staring at a wall, chain smoking and disassociating. 

It feels healthier to me. It isn’t the same thing as getting to hug my friends, but it’s a different sort of intimacy. This is essentially how this record came into being. It is very much something that was forged from all of these relationships that i initiated (and continue to initiate) with people. It was my way of being able to hug my friends who i miss so much. 

Madness To Creation:  The soundtrack that gets me through the dark days…

Jeremy Bastard: I’m not sure if musically I’ve been regressing, or if it’s possible that I’ve needed to sort of retreat to the exact music makes me feel like things are okay / going to be okay. For me, that’s The Ramones. It was my first favorite record from when I was a kid, and to be completely honest, it still ranks very high on my list of all time favorite records.

As an added bonus, Mania has just about every great pop hook executed as perfectly as possible. So, if you’re writing a record and need some inspiration for a catchy bit here or there, you can always pull out that record and drop the needle on it anywhere and you’ll hear a perfect hook.

Single Review “Shadowboxing” by Jeremy Bastard featuring Elektra Monet

The song is such a fusion of many elements in the house/dj/synthwave elements.  I’ll be the first to admit that I couldn’t tell you the difference between the genres in house music, all I know is that it’s an uplifting song, yet it has a bit of a dark feel to it.  I picture myself driving with the city hustling and bustling and just having this song be the soundtrack to that situation.  It makes me feel like I just want to chill and watch people engage with one another in this thing called life.  Jeremy Bastard has a world of potential and Elektra Monet provides an amazing voiceover to the music.  Solid work by Jeremy Bastard!

Check out Jeremy Bastard’s artist page via Spotify below:


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