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Editor’s Note:  Recently, Harrisburg hard rockers Eternal Frequency released their blistering cover of “The Show Must Go On” by Queen.  It was one of those things where I didn’t know what to expect, but if you can cover Queen and do it well, you are amazing.  Frontwoman Emelle just killed it on the vocals and the rest of the band were just on point with the arrangements of this cover. They have also released a music video for “Parasite” which has over 140,000 hits on YouTube.  They are making a name for themselves in the Pennsylvania hard rock scene and they have shared the stage with Of Mice & Men, Smile Empty Soul, Vixen and Sponge.  In this mental health conversation with Madness To Creation, Eternal Frequency discusses “The Show Must Go On”, mental health awareness and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Fans can find Eternal Frequency at the following locations:





Madness To Creation:   I am blown away by the cover “The Show Must Go On” by Queen, what is important about #SaveOurStages. I know that’s a crazy question considering your line of work.

Emelle (Lead Singer) – Thank you so much! Very honored and excited that you enjoyed the cover! The #SaveOurStages movement is incredibly pivotal and crucial during this horrendous time the entertainment industry is in. All of us in Eternal Frequency support NIVA – the National Independent Venue Association because they are bringing the much needed awareness to independent live event venues and promoters all across the country during the pandemic. That is why 100% of the proceeds we receive from the Queen cover are going to be donated to this amazing cause. So many musicians, roadies, techs, managers, venue owners are out of work right now struggling to make ends meet. With our “The Show Must Go On” cover and support of the #SaveOurStages act we are trying to convey that the storm will pass as long as we keep our heads high, keep pushing forward, and don’t lose faith.

Justin (Lead Guitar) – Thank you so much. We are definitely proud of this cover. It’s been talked about for so long by us, but In these times, push came to shove and we HAD to release this. This movement is very important just like most movements are. They are started because people forget. We as performers are just a variation of the common 9-5 worker. We put in long hours, and strive to climb the life ladder like everyone else. Taking our stages away from us is like a restaurant without a kitchen, an office administrator without a computer. These are the things that people forget and to not see the value in this will not be be good for when things get back to normal. Everyone needs an outlet. Everyone needs an escape. The stage since the beginning of time was where the common folks could let their guards down and be treated to some form of entertainment whether it be music, laughter, theater, social gatherings, etc. These are ingredients to our sanity and overall humanity. To not view the arts as essential in our society will break you more than you know. We are fighting for our beliefs, our passions, and our humanity for both the artist and the audience.

A.J. (Guitar) – Save our stages is such an important movement to us.  Not just for bands currently, but bands trying to grow as well.  Performing is our livelihood.  It gives us a purpose and for many bands, it puts food on the table and pays the bills.  Save Our Stages is important for striving musicians and established musicians alike during this pandemic which Covid-19 is affecting.  It brings us all together for a common cause.

Tyler (Bass) – The #saveourstages is really important to the entertainment industry as a whole. Besides musicians, it also includes plenty of theater actors, stagehands, and even all the way down to security and bus drivers. It is both significant and imperative that the industry survives these trying times, as a lot of people make a living doing this.

Dane (Drums) – Absolutely everything is important for #saveourstages!  Venues are in dire straits and this should help them get steering in the right direction again.

Madness To Creation:  How does music affect your mental health?

Dane – Music is a huge part of my life. If I’m sad I listen to music, if I’m happy I listen to music. I don’t think I can go a whole day without at least listening to something. 

Emelle – Music is everything to me. It’s my main drive in life and the force that keeps me going when times get difficult. I have just very sadly, recently lost my mother suddenly early November and have developed anxiety because of it. Music has helped my mental health tremendously during this time, it’s been more cathartic now to me more than ever. My mother was my greatest supporter when it came to performing and my music. I know in my heart that she would want me to keep reaching for the stars and keep doing what I’m doing. She was and will continue to be my biggest inspiration in every lyric or melody I write.

A.J. – Music has a huge impact on mental health. I feel as though we all have that certain genre or certain song that we go to when we are experiencing different emotions. These songs just help to remind us that we aren’t alone.

Justin – I was what you would call a “troublemaker” when I was younger. It really is true that “idle hands are the devils playground”. I was heading down a bad path that primarily stemmed from boredom and the desperate need for acceptance. How sad is that? Also, how familiar is that? This is a story that most young adults can share with me and generations to come. So my answer is going to be cut into two parts. For my mental health, music has quite literally saved my life. I will never stop for that soul purpose alone, but the other part of this answer is to look out for that next generation and let them know that you aren’t alone. That’s why we do this. We share experiences and stories through music in hopes that it can help get people through times when they feel there is no return.

Tyler – From about the age of 10 onward, I know music always played a big role in whatever I was doing. As I became young adult, I grew even closer to it when I began playing the bass guitar. Since then, it has always been my way of either escaping the world around me, or my way to relieving stress and pushing forward. Music helps me focus at work, get pumped for concerts or games, and always plays in the background as I drive around on autopilot at times. It’s amazing what simple sounds can do to one’s mentality and outlook on life.

Madness To Creation:  How in the world do you train your vocals to do what they do(this question is specifically for Emelle)?

Emelle:  Haha! Well going back to my wonderful mother, I was incredibly blessed as a child to have such supportive parents. My mother hauled my ass to sooooo many musical, acting and dance classes since the age of 6, primarily voice lessons. I took private voice lessons for over 14 years and started performing on stage when I was five. I was very active in school, community and professional musical theater all throughout my life up until 2018 when I started Eternal Frequency. Basically a ton of training and dedication have taken place over the years to maintain and strengthen my voice. I’m always constantly pushing and bettering myself every single day. You’re never done growing!

Madness To Creation:  Take us into the Harrisburg music scene pre-Covid.

Dane – I’m not too familiar with the Harrisburg scene because before joining Eternal Frequency I hadn’t played in a band for a long time. Last time I was in a band we mainly played all over the Lehigh Valley area, but from the shows I have played with Eternal it felt so lively and like a home. The way it should be!

Justin – I spent majority of my life in Baltimore, MD. I came here actually for this band and I gotta say that central Pennsylvania as whole is one of the most energetic and talented scenes I have ever seen. So much talent. So much opportunity. I like calling this home now.

Tyler – I’d imagine Harrisburg is like any other city, in that it is basically a melting pot for different genres to build on. The rock/metal scene is constantly and consistently growing and evolving. Each band tends to support each other, and network whenever possible to make shows even more fun. And people catch on to that sort of energy. I’ve even shared a few shows with rappers/hip hop artists, and they received just as much support as other bands on the bill. Covid certainly has everyone chomping at the bit for live music to return in some capacity.

Emelle – I really dig the Harrisburg music scene. It is insanely diverse and we have such a strong fan base there that never miss a show. I’m chomping at the bit to play there again once everything opens back up so I can see those wonderful familiar faces.

A.J. – The Harrisburg music scene pre-covid was a blast. The Harrisburg fans were so loyal and I can picture a few specifically that were at every show possible no matter what venue, or what the price was to see the show. I will be eternally grateful for those who stuck by us and made it to every show possible.

Madness To Creation:  Back to the first question, how much of a role did Freddie Mercury and Queen play in your influences?

Emelle – I feel very fortunate that my parents basically force fed me classic rock when I was an infant because that and 80’s hair metal are still my favorite to this very day. Queen has always been incredibly inspiring to me. Freddie Mercury has seriously helped mold me into the singer and performer I am today. He’s one of the greats that knew how to captivate and command an audience whether it was a couple hundred people or thousands upon thousands, he delivered. I know for a fact that anyone who has ever seen Queen live or even YouTube videos from their concerts have been changed somehow. That’s the power of Queen. That is the power of Freddie Mercury. Freddie and his free spirit, honesty, impeccable vocals, spectacular showmanship….all things that push me and inspire me to be bigger, think bigger. I mean come on…how could you not feel the same?

Justin – They were the soundtrack to my childhood. One of my mothers favorite movies was Highlander and hearing Princes Of the Universe as a kid it truly became the theme music of my walk through life. Still is to this day. Freddie Mercury is simply a legend. His energy and I don’t give a fuck attitude became iconic and set the bar for acts to follow. Yeah, it’s a high bar, but didn’t everyone try to beat the high score at the arcade? Even if you don’t get to that level, Freddie and Queen were one of those bands that really showcased what we as human beings are capable of.

Tyler – While I draw influences from other prominent rock bands, I have always enjoyed the message and feeling that Queen portray. They are the best example of 4 guys working together and building off one another during writing sessions, and each instrument truly shines because of it.

A.J. – I feel as though Queen is a band that affected all of us in some way, shape or form. I grew up listening to Queen. Freddie Mercury was always a voice you didn’t miss. If you didn’t know the tune, you definitely knew it was Queen as soon as Freddie started singing. Brian May has such an iconic guitar tone to me. His guitar tone just has that incredible, classic rock tone that is just unmistakable.

Dane – Queen was a band that I grew up listening to, but wasn’t super familiar with a lot of their material. They were something that was put on every once in a while and I always loved every second of it. 

Madness To Creation:  You seem to have a voice that would work for a Broadway musical. You like musicals?

Emelle:  See previous answer above haha! My original goal as a child was to move to New York City and be on Broadway. My all time favorite musical to this day and one I would probably still audition for is Jekyll & Hyde.

Madness To Creation:  How have you adjusted how you approach things due to Covid-19?

Dane – It’s been hard but we’ve still managed to find a way to get into the studio and rehearse! I for one am constantly practicing at home. 

Emelle – Besides not being able to play live we haven’t had to really adjust the way we do things. If anything it has given us more time to really dive into the writing process even more and plan strategically for upcoming releases. We have been working extremely hard and diligently over the past 8 months to create the best music and material possible. We are so freaking stoked to eventually show the world all of the goodies we have stored away.

Tyler – I feel like we haven’t dramatically adjusted anything. Prior to the pandemic, we wrote, but also brainstormed how we could bring these songs to life on stage during rehearsals. So really, the only thing that’s missing is the execution of these ideas in a live show setting. Other than that, it’s business as usual for us as a band.

Justin – This has been a time of personal reflection on all of our ends. Of course we are bummed that we cant perform, but this has definitely given us time to take a look at what we were performing and reinvent the vision of who we want to be. We have been working very hard under the radar writing and creating a fresh new sound. It has been really exciting and of course we are chomping at the bit to share everything with the world, but I think incremental teasing is always more satisfying. Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

A.J. – Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted by perfecting our art as much as possible. We have been writing so much new music, we’ve been in and out of the studio and we have been rehearsing together a lot. We are just getting ready to make an explosion back to the stage that no one is going to forget.

Madness To Creation:  What’s the first thing that you want to do when this is over?

Emelle – Order 47 Neato Burrito Cowboy Crunches and fill the bathtub with WAWA chocolate milk. Oh, and get back on stage again OBVI 😀

Justin – Bear hug and open mouth kiss a 90 year old woman in public!

A.J. – . I want to perform again. I want to put on the most memorable performances possible. I want to see everyone who took live concerts for granted start coming to shows as much as possible again.

Dane – Get back on stage and on the road as soon as possible! 

Tyler – To echo every other answer, I really want to play a show. All of that pent-up energy from months of lacking live music would literally be magical. I also greatly enjoy traveling and seeing there is a world outside of my little town. Going to a state I haven’t seen yet and getting a chance to unwind will be much needed.

Madness To Creation:  What else would you like to add in regards to Eternal Frequency?

Justin – The Show Must Go On

Emelle – Y’all ain’t ready!

Dane – A little bit of diversity which I feel we can definitely bring to the table!

Tyler – The best part about Eternal Frequency, while we are a band, is that we also hang out in a friendly setting. We go out, chat about current events, and not afraid to bring up things going on in our personal lives. And I think that really shows when we play/meet people. There is no tearing each other down, be it personally or professionally.

A.J. – Eternal Frequency is here to stay. We have so much music ready to share with the world. The music we are sitting on is easily the best stuff we have ever written to date.

Madness To Creation:  Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me for Madness To Creation!

Tyler – Thanks for taking the time to check out the song, and reach out with these questions!

Emelle – We all very much appreciate the opportunity! Thanks for reaching out to us for this fabulous interview, it’s been fun! Really happy you dig “The Show Must Go On”! Take care, Madness to Creation!

Justin – It’s been a pleasure. Thank you. Hope you enjoy our version of Queen’s The Show Must Go On. See you soon world.

A.J. – Thank you so much for having us, Madness to Creation!

Dane – Anytime, thank you for having us!! 

And there you have it! Check out their blistering music video for “Parasite” below:

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