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Editor’s Note:  This unique artist mixes a fusion of country, soul, rock and hip-hop into his music and gets people to thinking about the issues of the day as well.  Philadelphia’s own Curt Chambers has received the opportunity to share states with Jerry Douglas, B.B. King, rock and hip-hop icons Travis Barker, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and LL Cool J.  He’s also shared the stage with country music icons Dustin Lynch, Chris Young and Florida Georgia Line.  Curt Chambers has won Grammy awards for his songwriting for the smash hit “Finding My Way Back” by Jaheim and he’s worked on the album “Compton” by Dr. Dre.  Now, Curt Chambers is carving his own niche and path by going to his roots.  He has viral videos for cover songs such as “Dust In The Bottle” by David Lee Murphy and he’s released a single and music video that talks about social injustice entitled “Different Views”.  Curt Chambers sat down with Madness To Creation to talk about that single, working with Dr. Dre, and what’s next for him.  Fans can find Curt Chambers at the following locations:





Madness To Creation:  I would compare your guitar playing to a combination of B.B. King meets Nile Rodgers(two legendary guitarists). There’s a sense of style and emotion when you play, if I’m beginning guitar lessons, what’s the first thing that you would teach me?

Curt Chambers: I will teach you to play like a singer.

Madness To Creation: You’ve been nominated for Grammys and won a Grammy and ASCAP award for your contributions in your songwriting for “Finding My Way Back” by Jaheim and “Compton” by Dr. Dre.  What was the coolest thing about working with those two?

Curt Chambers: The coolest thing about working with Dr  Dre is every day is a new day that you enter in with humbleness and a new creative approach. Yesterday is old news!

Madness To Creation: I can’t imagine the difficulty of writing songs for someone else, what are some nuances or tricks of the trade in the songwriting process?

Curt Chambers:  The trick is to bring what you do to the table while pouring the right sauce over what they do as an artist.

Madness To Creation: The song “Different Views” really hit me, and made me think about how I see things?  Was that your goal as a songwriter for this song?

Curt Chambers:  I wanted everyone to be aware of the different ways that we all see things and the different thoughts that are in our  head and have a grace for each other. That grace that God gives all of us.

Madness To Creation: What do you say to those that say systemic racism is not an issue in this country?

Curt Chambers:  It depends on the person sometimes there’s nothing you can say at other times He just plants a seed. 

Madness To Creation: How can I do my part to make it better for everyone else?  I know I can always do better.

Curt Chambers:  Do unto others as they would unto you.

Madness To Creation: The beautiful thing about your music is that I can’t put you in one genre, that said, what is your goal as an artist in your industry?

Curt Chambers:  My goal is to be the best that’s ever done it and keep pouring love into the world, inspire people and be able to support myself and my family. 

Madness To Creation:  I see you in five years winning Grammys for your solo work, what steps do you think you need to take to achieve that?

Curt Chambers:  Keep writing and recording better songs. And practice my Grammy speech every day. The law of attraction is real. 

Madness To Creation: What’s the biggest lesson that 2020 taught you?

Curt Chambers:  The biggest lesson that 2020 told me was you are not in control.

Madness To Creation: What’s next for Curt Chambers?

Curt Chambers:  Right now, trying to find the best soul food place in Nashville.

And there you have it!  Check out his music video for “Up In The Air” below:

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