(Mental Health Conversations):  Track by Track Commentary of “Sick!” by LAURA JINN

(Mental Health Conversations): Track by Track Commentary of “Sick!” by LAURA JINN

Editor’s Note:  Today, electro-pop artist Laura Jinn has released her debut EP entitled “Sick!” and today, Laura did an exclusive track-by-track commentary with Madness To Creation!  Laura is a queer self-taught DIY producer out of Brooklyn, New York and is paving her own way in the indie pop community and is establishing herself as a boundry breaking electro-pop producer.  Laura is inspired by uncompromising women such as Grimes, FKA Twigs, and MIA, and she calls her music “absurdist goth pop”.  Laura Jinn has had her single “Memories Of Trees” premiere out of RollingStone India and has had rave reviews from Earmilk, The Revue and Northern Transmissions.  Fans can check out Laura Jinn via Spotify here.

  1.  “I’m Driving To Target”- “I’m driving to Target” was inspired by the many many times I have wandered around my childhood home in a daze, eating large amounts of candy or buying many bottles of nail polish as a means of having some control over my life.

2.  “Sick”- “Sick” is about wanting love and affection even when you’re twisted, or messed up – or physically unwell. It was inspired by the fact that “sick” means both unwell and also cool, or awesome. I was laughing to myself imagining a conversation between two people where one describes themselves as “sick” to the other and the other misunderstands. Then it turned into a deranged love song.

3.  “Memories Of Trees”- “Memories Of Trees” is about remembering something fondly that was actually horrid at the time. It’s a series of lighthearted vignettes about the summer time that, strung together, imply something darker. It was inspired by nursery rhymes.

4.  “I’m Beginning To Think”- “I’m Beginning To Think” is about how the person most likely to kill a woman who dates men is a former romantic partner. I was thinking about the funny and gossipy way in which girls talk to each other about new people they’re seeing, and how there’s also this fact that this guy, whoever he is, could turn out to be the person who murders your friend. The total dissonance of being a woman in the world who exists near men that could enact violence on you at any time while you are just living your normal life in that.

And there you have it!  Give “Sick!” by Laura Jinn a listen and let us know what you think! Give her a follow on Spotify as well!


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