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The pandemic has affected us all and we really miss our live entertainment in all of its forms.  One of the traditions that I try to have every year for Halloween or around Halloween is to watch the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I love the production for several reasons.  First, it’s accepting of the LGBTQ culture, secondly it teaches us to love one another no matter how we express ourselves and lastly the music and storytelling in the production is an absolute blast and ahead of its time to this day.  Last night, there was a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show livestreamed presented by the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  People could donate even a dollar towards the Wisconsin Democratic Party to view the production.

The opening scene was wonderfully done as it showcased The Dresden Dolls performing the opening song entitled “Science Fiction/Double Feature”.  I absolutely loved this scene as it immediately drew me in to the performance.  Amanda Palmer sang ever so seductively in what looked like an abandoned playhouse while Brian Viglione provided a bit of darkness, which caught our attention immediately.

The acting was a bit different, while I certainly appreciate the social distancing and mask message, it was just so different seeing people in their homes acting out the parts.  However, the important message behind this was just to forget about your cares, celebrate alternative lifestyles and just enjoy an evening of entertainment.  I just want to discuss some of the highlights of the evening:

  1.  On the musical side of things, Lance Bass absolutely stood out in his part.  He did one of the numbers(I didn’t catch the song title) and he sang with so much passion.  I really believe that Lance Bass should audition for any Broadway musical production in the future as he has the charisma, passion and voice for it.  I can’t wait for Broadway to open back up again.
  2. Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame really stood out as the narrator throughout the production.  I really enjoyed his involvement in the “Time Warp” song, him speaking the part added so much pizzazz to the production.
  3. Josh Gad knocked his part out.  I want to say the song he sang was “Sweet Transvestite”, but he had such a wide range voice and he acted out the speaking parts of the song so well that it drew the viewer back in.
  4. Miss Peppermint looked seductive as ever speaking the part and dancing erotically during “Transsexual From Transylvania”.  Tim Curry would’ve been so proud.
  5. Also, Nell Campbell, Brian Bostwick and Tim Curry himself with the speaking parts that really allowed the audience to reminisce about why Rocky Horror Picture Show is such a cult classic.
  6. Seth Green as RiffRaff was incredible as well.  If they ever did a remake, whether via Broadway or Hollywood, or even Netflix special, Seth Green must be cast as RiffRaff immediately.  Give him a blank check for the part too, he was that good!
  7. Kalen Chase was dynamic as well in his singing.  I’ve never heard of Kalen, but I’ll be sure to check out his music.

The social distance concept in terms of the acting made it hard to follow though, but I understand the intents and purposes behind it.  To my surprise, considering who sponsored the production, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t overtly political.  It had messages such as “going out and vote”, instead of outwardly expressing “Vote for the Biden/Harris ticket”.  For nostalgic purposes, it was so good seeing the originals Tim Curry, Brian Bostwick and Nell Campbell in this livestream event.  It also showed that Miss Pepperment, Lance Bass and even David Arquette(with his shenanigans) was influenced by the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It was quite an enthusiastic performance.  I would like to see it with this cast as a remake when the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

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